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9/03/2018 10:40 am  #1

Hello guys, I am in need of advice

Well, here is so much... I had a relationship I was so happy with. Now my love is meeting someone else, I am not sure if they live together. I am pretty sure, that other women does not feel any pasion etc to him- I have been told it by our common friends. He compalints about her to his friends, but is still around her. They do not make up, think differently. I live by myself and do not know what to do with myself, wish to get an ideas, suggestions where to start changing my space from. I still feel I have got too much of him at the back of my head in thoughts. I love him with all my heart. At the same time I have got lots of impatience, fear, anger, frustration and it weakens me so badly, I would love to learn how to manage those. I saw them twice on the street, no holding hands, no hugs. But he looks so confident, smiling, she shows no affection. It hurts me twice. He is running around thing who does not want him like I do with all myself, and of course I would be sohappy if he would be smiling to me and talking,holding my hand, just share happiness together etc... Please help me how I could manage myself, get him back, cause I know it is possible. I am just lost not sure about direction. I am new to this, I could see some of post s here and it helps me to understand law of attraction, but I would love to get a light which can guide me to success which I desire. Please reply, I would be so grateful. Sending hugs xxx   

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9/03/2018 3:48 pm  #2

Re: Hello guys, I am in need of advice

Are you doing the 25 Day Challenge - you haven't mentioned it, and this is the section of the board to discuss that. Your post might not get read or answered properly - it should be in, for example, Help Me Align. 

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9/03/2018 6:01 pm  #3

Re: Hello guys, I am in need of advice

I am ready to start this 25 days challenge. I am also ready to use Veronica's book in my life
I wanted show the case so I might get an idea what point I should start from. Thank you for your advice Flamingo.


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9/04/2018 4:39 pm  #4

Re: Hello guys, I am in need of advice

I'll move this thread to the help me align section since it'll get more attention there. 

This will be easier said than done but it's important that you do not think of the third party at all. This is something that'll take some time. The important thing with manifesting relationships or anything, in general, is to focus on the end result. 

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9/05/2018 2:21 pm  #5

Re: Hello guys, I am in need of advice

Thank very much Serendipity Do you know any technique that can be useful to remove third part from my thoughts? 

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