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7/17/2018 3:57 pm  #1

Are those signs that RS is working in my case? Please help. :)

Hi to everybody! ;) Thanks for this forum. Thanks to you all guys I learned a lot of LOA and I even practised a couple of times and I can tell it works. You just need to have a little more patience. 

Now, I would like to ask you for your help. I new to RS (remote seduction) and read a lot about it just to be sure if I am doing it right.  So, I would like to ask if these are the signs that RS works for me. I am not obsessed because I read that if you became that all of your work is dommed. Here is my story:

My friend wants to introduce me with one of his cousins.  He talked about her for two months. He would, from time to time, mention that he think that we are good fit (his cousin and I). He did talk about her for two months until I said yes. So, I wanted to see who is she and I was fascinated because I heard a lot of good things and I saw her picture. She is pretty. So, I was working and reading about LOA and exams (which I manage to pass thanks to LOA) when I saw a post which mentioned RS. I decided to give it a try because it sounded fun to try. 
I started to use RS. I would do it on the times when I was calm and when I didn't have anything to do. Basically, I was bored. Since it mentions that you are trying to attracting someone, I decided to use his cousin as someone who I want to attract. So, I would practise it only when I have time. It would be, maybe more or less, 2x times in the week. One session would try a half of hour, maybe a little bit more. What I noticed is that everytime I would do RS, after its I would feel much calmer, happier and I wouldn't think about that girl. Before RS, I would think it a lot about her. About happiness, I would felt really happy without any particular reason. 

After sometime, he told me that he think that she has someone because she doesn't want to talk about her dating life (she keeps insisting about his and she even wants to set him up one of his friends). I said ok and that I am not interested in her because she is taken. I stopped with RS because it is not ok to influence someone if she is in relationship. 
Not too long, I meet a girl and we went to date. It didn't work on that date. My friend asked me if I am seeing someone and I mentioned him that I went to date and that this didn't work. He told me then that he isn't sure that she is in relationship and started referencing on some aspects which she mention him while they were talking.  He then (for the first time) started to cheer me up and tried to make me change my mind about her. So, I did after sometime. After that, I started with RS again. I would doing it when I have time. I wasn't obsessive with RS at all. It was just something interesting to do when I am bored. After every RS I would feel the same. I would feel more confident, more calm and happy without no reason. 

Not a long after that, he started to speak about her. Like, what she likes, started to ask me about various things, what I like and so on. He even started making practical jokes about her and me like we his cousin and I are in relationship. He even started joking like: " I am going to marry you guys" or " don't forget that I am going to be your best man when you decide to marry her". We know each other for 10 years and he never said this things to any of my girlfriends. Everytime, after every session, he would talk more and more about her. Then, he told me that he spoke with her and learned that she is going to be alone on some family gathering. When I said alone, I mean that her dad and brother are traveling so he will have more time and space to talk about her and she if she has someone and to figure out how he can connect us (She is very shy).   Yesterday, he told me that she heard with her and she told him that she didn't went to concert because she didn't have anybody with she could go (She likes to go to concerts and that tickets were expensive). He said to her that she should go here,  to our place. (She lives in different but neighbour country. Because of that I can't see if RS works). Now, I didn't tell my friend that I am using RS and I am not planning to do so. 

Now, I would like to ask everybody here if they can see any sign or sings here that RS works in my case? I am just curious.  


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