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7/17/2018 1:36 am  #1

Manifested a Phone Call!

Hello, Forum!

Iโ€™ve been gone a bit, mostly because I was feeling really negative and needed to re-align. But Iโ€™m inspired to come back now and share this small manifestation, which doesnโ€™t feel so small at all given the bigger picture.

So, itโ€™s been almost six months since my husband moved out. Weโ€™re not totally no contact because we still share household responsibilities, mainly bill stuff. But I finally managed to stop myself from contacting him for anything other than that, and even then only a short friendly text to give him info he needs.

Finally, after driving myself batty with tormenting thoughts, I fully embraced Nevilleโ€™s teachings, about two weeks ago. Then, a few days ago, I downloaded Veronicaโ€™s books The 25-Day Challenge and How to Get Your Ex Back in 25 Days. I am now on Day Two of the 25-day challenge, and guess what? After I had sent a short, joking text about a money thing, ten minutes later, he called me! On Day Two! And not to talk about the text, either. He just wanted to chat to see how I was doing! And we talked for twenty minutes about all kinds of things. Just light, friendly, catching up like a couple of old friends. This is big, because he literally hasnโ€™t called just to chat in several months.

All I can say now is that if anyone here has hesitated buying Veronicaโ€™s books, donโ€™t! Run out and grab your copy, and embrace what she has written there. Use the techniques. They work! Iโ€™m so encouraged right now, and am in absolute awe. Iโ€™m going to keep going with this, and will update with another mani SOON Thank you, Veronica!



7/20/2018 12:39 am  #2

Re: Manifested a Phone Call!



8/02/2018 5:32 am  #3

Re: Manifested a Phone Call!

Thats super inspiring!


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