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7/15/2018 7:14 am  #1

For those of you who are going through a break up and want ex back...

There are tough times in life where we feel so much pain that we just want it to stop and that you wish that you could just be back to being happy or wish that you and your ex boyfriend/girlfriend could get back together. Well, this is also me at times. Recently, I got dumped two months ago and I was in major shock and pain. I thought that this was all one big dream. I said things such as “this is not real, it will he back to normal.” But, it turns out, I didn’t get back with my ex.

I was being needy, desperate and tried to get him to take me back but he wouldn’t allow it. What I’ve came to realise is that no one likes a desperate/needy person as they are sending bad vibrations. Even if you keep trying, you’re more likely to get the same results and your ex could likely pull away from you due to your neediness/desperation. Now, it’s normal to feel needy and desperate and it’s also good to talk to people you trust about your feelings. It’s a normal part of the grieving process.

Break ups are normal and if some things aren’t meant to be, then that’s fine. Now, it’s time to work on YOU. There are people in relationships that are so focused on their SP so much that they forget to love themselves. Sadly, this was me. I was insecure and I never spent time with other people who I enjoyed spending time with. I was too controlling as well. What I’ve learnt is that there will also be guys/girls who will walk into your life and when they leave a relationship, you start to learn by the mistakes you may have made.

Also, trust me, your ex will either come back or you will date someone even better! After all, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.! But just because I mention that your ex could come back doesn’t mean they will. Love comes when you least expect it! When you let go of your desire to have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you are telling the universe that you can be happy even without having an SP.

Once you’re in a relaxed and happy state of mind and have moved on, you can visualise your ex coming back to you and feel good about it and if the universe brings them back to you then, great. But, if the universe brings a new guy into your life, then that’s great too! It’s important to know that in a relationship, you and your SP also need time apart from each other (if you didn’t let them have space) as it helps them recharge and they can also spend time with people the are close to such as friends and family members! After you guys have both had space, you will be better than ever! But make sure you have space in the relationship no matter what! I hope this helps.


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