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7/01/2018 7:21 am  #1

I want some clarity in my situation


I am attracted to my SP who is 17 years younger than me. considering the age, i tried to shake off this feeling inside of me, but I feel a strong pull towards him. The best thing is that he feels an an intense desire towards me too but he suffers from immense mood swings and oI can only see him like once a month (hes a part of the fitness group i joined). we hve never spoken to each other, on two ocassions, i messaged him, and he replied too, but was formal. in the past one year that we have known each other, he has only tried to show me how much he likes me by lingering around me whenver he comes for the sessions. my problem is, that this relationship hasnt progressed a lot. there is no real communicaiton. what should i do? should i start saying hello to him, or do anythign to change my behavior towards him?


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