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6/27/2018 11:19 pm  #1

I Admire My New Wedding Ring

Hello, lovely forum people! I came up with this script to use while I wait for the return of my husband. I might tweak it later (depending on the type of ring I choose when I go window shopping tomorrow) but it’s a good start. I’ll visualize it tonight as I go to sleep, and every night until he returns to me.

I’m curled up next to my husband in our bed, early on a midsummer evening. I can hear dogs barking goodnight to each other outside, tires on pavement as people return home from their days, the stir of wind through the trees. A fan whirs white noise as we relax ourselves, getting ready for sleep. I catch the clean scent of Husband’s soap, as he’s fresh out of the shower. Candles flicker on the dresser, bouncing golden ripples off the walls.

Husband is watching videos on his iPad, and I leave him to his entertainment, because I’ve finally learned not to bombard him with constant words. He likes a bit of space around himself, and I understand that to love him best, I must give him that space and trust that he will always reach out to me in perfect timing. I distract myself while I wait for him by holding up my left hand and noticing the way the candlelight glints off the metal, inlaid with mother of pearl. This is my ten year anniversary band, a gift from Husband symbolizing our new commitment to each other, to build a more elevated relationship than the one we experienced before. We’re so much wiser now, so much more understanding of each other’s wants and needs. I feel my heart swell as I gaze at the ring. I feel so incredibly lucky.  I think back to the day he slipped the ring onto my finger, and the look of pure love and devotion is his grey blue eyes. I have never before felt so loved and accepted.

β€œThat ring fits you perfectly,” he says, and he takes my hand and kisses the top of it. I realize that he’s been watching me admiring the ring the whole time.

I smile and tell him I love him, and turn to rest my head on his chest. His clean t-shirt feels soft and familiar on my cheek. I can hear his heart beating.

β€œI love you, too, Babe.” He says.

I close my eyes and drift off, content with just being in his presence. My twin flame is here to stay. No more running and chasing. All the fighting and heartbreak of the past has faded into distant memory. All that matters is the connection we have now, and all the good days to come.

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