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6/18/2018 9:30 am  #1

Tips on focusing on SP good attributes with pure love

Hey all,Β 

Just wondering if anyone has any tips on maintaining positive thoughts on their ex/SP.

Attracting back my ex and I have great happy feeling visualizations of me and her together but throughout the day I find myself having somewhat negative thoughts about her.

For example, she has had some mental health conditions in the past and has been through some tough times. I know you should focus on them being with you in the end result all happy and healthy, and I do but it's just random thoughts throughout the day of her being a bit cold like she has been in the past.

I don't dwell on them too much as I know they are just negative thoughts, but anyone have any tips on how to maintain positive thoughts. I know that everyone is you pushed out and she has opened up to me numerous times in the most amazingly and beautiful ways, maybe I should think of her compassion more?

Thanks all,

Much Love


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