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6/11/2018 3:22 pm  #1

I told him that i dont want to talk to you

My sp and I lives 3500 miles away and had not meet yet he loved me and made me love him too then he changed he said this is not going to happen then I start avoiding him and he calls me everyday like friends and I avoid him and he said ok I'll won't call you now and I start lOA and after a month he called me ask me if I'm single he wants to marry me soon after that he didn't call me for a month and after a month he called me again it was just a normal conversation and after that he called me 2 weeks later I was thinking why he is not calling me every day and talking about marriage and all that ( when ever he calls he told me he is coming to my county to meet me soon) but he calls like once a month I thought I should completely avoid him so 1 day I said him I don't want to talk to you he said why and I didn't text him back and delete his number it's been 10 days no contact yet I want him to marry me what to do help

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