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6/08/2018 9:46 am  #1

Self Love: What has worked for you?

I’m kind of putting my ex back journey on the back burner and am focusing on building self love. I want to be happy and positive whether my SP is with me or not.

I wanted to know what has worked for you to build self love and unconditional positivity?

I’ve tried Agnes’ meditation but they don’t quite resonate with me. It usually feels forced/fake for some reason. Like it’s not hitting me deep. This morning I started listening to a Self love affirmations videos by Rockstar Affirmation. I’m going to listen to them while at work for around 2 months(I saw that this was the average of which a thought habit becomes automatic). I’ll update on whether this worked or not. Has anyone else have experience with their videos?

It’s weird because I do feel like I love myself because I do believe I’m a great person and deserve the best in life, but sometimes when I think about my SP or love life in general I get doubtful, fearful, and sad.

Any tips, tricks and advice would be appreciated. I’m determined to achieve a complete happiness that isn’t tied to a person, thing, or experience.



6/08/2018 12:30 pm  #2

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

You know regarding the self-love affirmations, I find hearing them (mostly for inspiration on what to use) on a video not as effective as me just repeating it inside my head. When I was a teen I read a book called "Being Happy," and that was where I learned about LOA for the first time. They were basically stating what we think about, we bring about, and affirmations I think were in there as a way of feeling better. I just did that over and over and over through the years, which helped me lose weight, get over IBS, and even clear up my skin, and no longer get sick (not kidding, haven't gotten a cold or flu in around ten years) often. So if they don't really hit you (I think you really have to listen to them for a long time), try to hear what they say and just repeat it to yourself over and over and over and over. Broken record style.

The RockStar are actually good though because I can put it on low and just blast myself, lol. But I think maybe it's just that it's hearing it said in another voice and not my own mental mind that may be the disconnect. Hope that helps.


6/08/2018 3:32 pm  #3

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

Thank you @Sunshine&Dreams, for replying!! Your feedback was very useful.

I have actually done that before (repeat affirmation in my head like a broken record). I stopped because sometimes it felt like it would work but after a while my subconscious negative thoughts would just flare up. It kind of made me feel like I was losing it, so I stopped.

But after your reply, I’m might try to reincorporate it but this time short quick bursts rather than a continuous broken record. Kind of like, quickly impress my mind then let it go/forget about it, then repeat at a later time.

I chose to listen to RockStar at work because I figured that while I’m focused on my work, the affirmations would slip into my subconscious much easier. Kind of like when you hear a song on the radio while driving. You were focused on driving but then randomly later in the day the song is just on repeat in your head.

I did some research on the subconscious mind and how so many things we pass by throughout the day imprints itself on your subconscious unknowingly/easily because it bypasses you conscious mind (aka you’re not paying attention). I figured maybe this can work with affirmations too.

Today was my first day doing it and I feel kind of more at peace with myself and my situation than I normally would around this time of day. While I was listening, my focus would go in and out and certain affirmations would randomly stand out and I would affirm “Yes I am” or “That is true” or simply just acknowledge it as a part of me. But we’ll see how it goes.

Anyone, feel free to share more advice and tips! It would be greatly appreciated and can possibly help many others!

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6/08/2018 5:02 pm  #4

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

ItIsDone wrote:

It’s weird because I do feel like I love myself because I do believe I’m a great person and deserve the best in life, but sometimes when I think about my SP or love life in general I get doubtful, fearful, and sad.

Why do you get doubtful, fearful, and sad? That's the thing to look that.


6/08/2018 5:15 pm  #5

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

Most welcome.

I definitely agree with that and get what you mean. I do that while I edit (I'm a fiction writer) because I can sort of tune out my thoughts. Or I'll listen while I am checking emails, just overall doing something else so that, like you said, my brain isn't completely in tune with what I'm listening, but yet it's implanting. That's why they suggest listening to those things when you go to bed (the quieter made for sleep ones that is). But for me I need a tomb to sleep and use earbuds so haha, can't do it then.

I think you're on the right path. That's similar to my process. I don't think I did it even to believe it. I just did it, then would forget about it. Then later on a few days later I'd do it again. After a while the subconscious picks it up so only when, like you have issues with, that problem flares up was when I'd bombard myself. Moments of those doubts are when I'd go over them again and again, then get bored and go on about my day. Almost like talking myself through the moment, but using affirmations to do it. Seems to be my best method, but could be yours too. Might be also a playful method that really helps our brains learn and take that in more. Playful to the effect we're not all serious about it. The brain might fight it of we're being all serious about it, haha.


6/09/2018 3:21 am  #6

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

For meditations check out Madeline Reinhardt (her soul linking meditation is just amazing), Lisa A. Romano, Michelle Chelfant or Joe T - Hypnotic Labs. Those are the ones i like, they have beautyful very soothing voices. I used to listen to Agnes too, but her meditations are really not that good.

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6/09/2018 4:37 pm  #7

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

I have recently read the book 'Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It'. It's a very short book and basically says to just repeat to yourself over and over that you love yourself, as well as some meditations. I highly recommend it!

I feel more love for myself already and am going to keep doing it!

Much Love


7/03/2018 11:09 pm  #8

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

Subliminals helped me to re-program my mind.  I also highly recommend Louise Hay's Mirror Work.  I am using Agnes' meditations (I especially love the "First Best" meditations).   I think the key with self love is consistency.


7/29/2020 9:39 am  #9

Re: Self Love: What has worked for you?

I can absolutely relate to what you are saying. Sometimes I thin about how much my friends and family do for me, and that they do it because I am lovable and easy to love and I am so full of love. I know this stems from a place of getting from outer sources, but that also helps me love myself.


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