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6/06/2018 3:58 am  #1

Emotional Overwhemling Visualisation

Ok, so this might sound pretty silly and might not make much sense.

I understand that the key to visualization is to feel the emotions of it, the smells, the sights, the sounds and all that good stuff.Β 

However, lately I find sometimes when I visualize I feel intense emotions. For example, if I am imagining a perfect day with my ex and think about us holding each other tightly, staring deeply into each others eyes, the smell of her hair, touch of her embrace, the sound of her telling me how in love she is with me, it's great and I can really feel it.

But sometimes I feel sort of overwhelmed and my eyes fill up with tears and here is the silly part........I'm not sure if that is a good thing. Like I said it is great feeling that stuff but lately after feeling a bit low (my vibration is rising again and I'm working on my self love as my focus) I get the tears more often. And frankly I don't have a scooby doo (clue) if it is from negative emotion or positive.Β 

I don't sit there and cry and often times when I'm overwhelmed with excitement I have tears of joy but honestly in these moments I really can't tell if they are good emotions or bad. Am I getting teary eyed because I feel the love and warmth in the moment so good or am I getting like that out of missing those moments in conscious reality.

Has anyone experienced or does experience the same/similar moments?

And help/advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks all and much love to youΒ 


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