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5/26/2018 8:55 pm  #1


Hello everybody of the forum. Just joined & would like to introduce myself to you all.

The nickname is DJ, I'm a male from Canada who's been immersed in the LOA since January of this year. In the past I had read the books "The Secret" & "The Power of Now", but they never really stuck with me. That's up until I met my SP last year. After realizing that I had a lot of self love issues & have a biiiiig problem with over thinking/over analyzing things, I manifested what I didn't want & that pushed her away. But then I discovered all these amazing LOA videos on YouTube & since January, have been learning & applying everything. I've just finished Veronica's 25 Day Challenge Book & it's made a big difference in my life. My SP was drawing closer to me again!Β 

The sad part of this story is that I received a message from her today saying she's only interested in me as a friend, but unlike in the past with other girls, it didn't feel like a punch to the stomach. I never have expressed my true feelings towards her. I've always wanted to, but something would come up, or I just didn't feel right in saying it then. But there's just a different feeling with this one

But enough about my situation. I'm very excited to read your stories, share my positive vibes with you, & keep on growing!

Thanks for reading!


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