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5/15/2018 12:37 pm  #1

New Moon Scripting

Β Tuesday, May the 15th 2018

​ Β  Β Β  I took a personal day from work and I am so glad I did. It gave me time to be introspective and reflect on my next steps in life. My boss emailed me and he was very understanding on my needs within the work place going forward and I am feeling so incredibly grateful. I also feel empowered and motivated because I complete stuck to my fast for today and ate foods that were nutritious and beneficial to my body.Β 

​ Β  Β  About halfway through my evening class, I got a text from Evan and he was asking how my day was and telling me about his. Our conversation seemed to be going as smoothly as ever when he changed the subject and got on a deeper level with me. He was saying that he's sorry he doesn't express himself emotionally as well as I do but that he really means it when he says he misses me all the time and that he thinks of me often. He told me that I am his everything and he realized just how happy I have made him since we started dating.Β 

​  I was so happy that tears were escaping and I felt so special and loved and secure in our relationship. And then he said something even more unexpected; when we were in Louisana - he mentioned that he felt so happy in that moment of having me there, the sun almost fully set and the lights of the plaza; he said he joked about going into Kay Jewelers because he knew then and there that he found the woman he always wanted.Β 

​  I cannot express with words alone how touched I felt and how moved I was. I have known from day one too but to hear him verbalize it meant absolutely everything to me. I feel thankful. I am loved.Β 

​  -Signed

​  LoriΒ 


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