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5/08/2018 3:33 am  #1

Keep dreaming about my desire

So I'm trying to manifest my love back. We are on good terms, speak frequently and even go on dates every now and then, but we are not together right now.

I've been visualizing, practicing gratitude/self love, meditating and using affirmations and also scripted a couple of times. I've been dreaming every night that we're together and see signs from the universe on a daily basis that I have associated with this desire.

Am I about to reach a breakthrough? Does this mean it's slowly manifesting? I know we shouldn't LOOK for signs, but I'm just curious. Thanks.


5/08/2018 7:40 am  #2

Re: Keep dreaming about my desire

Well, the universe is you, it’s not outside of you. And you are the one who gives meaning to everything and attracts everything that happens. So yes, if you continue to look at this as a sign that things are manifesting, that will be your experience. I think it’s good to view anything that correlates with your desire in that way.


5/08/2018 9:02 am  #3

Re: Keep dreaming about my desire


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1/15/2019 1:21 am  #4

Re: Keep dreaming about my desire

Great help.


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