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4/23/2018 12:07 pm  #21

Re: My Daily Scripting

i have always been against public display of affection, i have always thought that couples who try to show off through social media had always something to proof and were insecure.
but i have to admit those little acts of love Ammar does really makes me feel special and loved.
he always has a pic of us as profile pic, captioned with sweet words like.
My Queen
with the love of my life
habibti and the mother of my child <3

i love the fact that he is proud of our relationship and appreciates me. it makes me feel so happy and grateful


Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful

4/23/2018 1:00 pm  #22

Re: My Daily Scripting

3 years from now...

today was the opening of my own Diabetic clinic for children, at-last im having the job i have always wanted,Β  few working hours, great pay, comfortable working environment, and a great sense of team work.
im so thankful for my loving supportive husband. he has always been there for me, encouraging me, lifting my spirits when i gave up and always believing in me.
he is proud of me and always tells me how smart and successful i am.
i remember when i was a pediatric resident, i have always had moments when i wanted to quit and start anything over, he always told me that i should never give up, always have my eyes on the finish line.
he always tells me how beautiful i look when i take care of children, and he couldn't think of a better person to have my job.
when i was studying for my exams, he always took such care of me. encouraging me. always checking on me, getting me treats from time to time, arranging little fun activities for us to do to get me out of the studying routine.
he often picked me up from the library and took me out for lunch dates.
he knows how much i love stationary, he always made sure he got me the things i need.
he got my flowers and gifts when i passed my exams. he genuinely felt happy for my success <3

and today, he held my hands as i opened the door to my new officeΒ  clinic
i had a moment alone with him, i held his hands, looked into his eyes and said
i love you, i couldnt have done all of this without you
you are my blessing, my encourager
i love you more each day

he held me close and kissed me.
im so proud of you habibti he said...


Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful
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4/24/2018 3:49 pm  #23

Re: My Daily Scripting

i heard my phone vibrating on my night stand, i looked over the screen i saw his name
Ammar calling <3
i picked up
hi? did you reach home safely?
yes i did habibi, thank you for asking and thank you for the awesome date! i had such a great time
you are welcome, i love you. i will call you when i get home..

i had an awesome date with Ammar today, he took me to a new italian restaurant.
i had a day off from work today, i dressed up real nicely, a girly dress, styled my hair with soft curls, and wore my favourite perfume ( the one Ammar got me when i passed my exam)
we met, greeted each other with a hug and a kiss
he kissed my hands, i love it when he treats me like a lady
we sat in a nice table, the place was quiet with a nice decor.
we ordered a cheesy appetizer, a pasta dish for the main course and a tiramisu for dessert.
we had a lovely conversation


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I am Grateful
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4/24/2018 4:28 pm  #24

Re: My Daily Scripting

i wanted to make a little treat for habibi
i ordered a belly dancing outfit. it was a white one, with pretty rhinestones and matching accessories.
often when i was alone, i would play some belly dancing youtube vidoes and practice some moves. when i was confident enough, i set up the camera and film myself dancing.
it was a short video just a little teaser for the big show later on.
i sent the video to Ammar with a wink and a kiss emoji
telling him its a little preview of whats gonna happen when we meet.

message delivered, Ammar watched the video and replied..
im afraid i wont be able to hold myself, i might rip that outfit off your body and carry you to bed at once ;)

Ammar got home early, i welcomed him at the door with a big hug and a passionate kiss.
welcome home habibi i have been waiting for you. i prepared a special dinner for you

we sat down and ate
i went inside our bedroom, lit the candles, changed to my outfit and played the music.

habibi come over her, i called him with a wink and a seductive look.
he came inside and looked at me.
amazed, he couldnt take his eyes off my body.
i had a my hair down, my skin was glowing and smooth, the outfit showed my curves.
i took him by hand and let him sit on the edge of the bed.
i danced for him, my hips moved with the beats, my eyes were seductively looking at him
he tried to hold himself, but he finally gave in, he stood up, had his arms around me, carried me to bed..


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4/26/2018 2:15 pm  #25

Re: My Daily Scripting

he sea, the golden sand, the bright sunrays, the cool sea breeze
walking barefoot under the palm trees shade holding hands with Ammar
i looked into his eyes, wrapped my arms around him, came closer to him and whispered

im in heaven habibi!
he smiled kissed my forehead and said i love you
he carried me, my feet were in the air and he spin me around
we laid on the sand, he kissed my lips passionately

im in love, im happy, im grateful!!

Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful
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4/26/2018 2:52 pm  #26

Re: My Daily Scripting

i changed my profile pic, a few mins later my phones screen lit up
a notification that said

you look beautiful, i miss you

i love seeing his name on my phone
he is my favourite notification
i love how we are always in touch
he always checks on me, he misses me and enjoys my company

our late night phone calls, falling asleep while we are on the phone,Β  sending each other selfies through out the day


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I am Grateful
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4/26/2018 3:04 pm  #27

Re: My Daily Scripting

i got used to waking up early
it was a Friday, i woke up stretched my arms and looked over my phone to see a bunch of msgs
i saw a msg from Ammar that said

good morning! call me when you are up

i called his number
he picked up

good morning habibi
good morning, how are you doing?
im fine i just woke up
i love your sleepy voice
i smiled and blushed
i wanna take you out today, what do you say?
sure, what time
wow ok i will get ready meet you under the brigde
i jumped out of bed, took a cool shower, styled my hair into a sleek pony tail, wore a comfy sweater and skinny jeans. an effortless cute look
drove my car by the river
Ammar was waiting for me in his car
i got in
hugged him and kissed his cheek
i love his well groomed beard and his fresh scent

we drove by the Nile, parked by a river side restaurant and got inside
i love how his beautiful face looks under the sunrays he has the most beautiful eyes
he held my hands and kissed them

my day is always better when i see you, he said
his sweet words, warmed my heart. <3

Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful
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4/26/2018 3:40 pm  #28

Re: My Daily Scripting

i was at the endocrine ward, finishing my rounds and writing my discharge notes for my lovely patients.
i feel so happy when i a sick child gets better and is discharged, love their smiles and their mothers appreciation for our work
i felt my phone vibrating, i picked it up,Β  Ammar is calling me
aw the joy i get when i see his name!

hello habibti? did you finish work
yes i did
great! i will come pick you up
sure im hungry lets go grab a bite

now that Ammar often comes to pick me up from work, i usually have a fresh outfit packed in my bag along with a small makeup bag.
i wana look cute for him.
i rushed to the bathroom, put on a cute top, washed my face, applied my face moisturizer, a tasty lip balm in my lips, perfected my winged eyeliner and sprayed myself with perfume.
i rushed down stairs to the gate, meet two of my colleagues by the stairs,
they smiled
looks like someone is going on a date now, they winked
i blushed and say yes
i got into the car, greeted as usual with a hug and a kiss
we took me to a nice pizzeria
we ordered a hot cheesy pepperoni pizza and a side of bruschetta
we ate and had a lovely conversation


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4/26/2018 4:28 pm  #29

Re: My Daily Scripting

i was at the library studying for my upcomming MRCPCH exam, already passed one part and im left with 2 more to go.
between work and studying i didnt have much free time, but i was still managing
i had a day off from work, i woke up early had my books and laptop ready and drove to the library.
i covered a fair amount of studying in a short period of time, i felt my phone vibrate
i got a text from Ammar
where are you?
im at the library habibi
how is you studying going?
good habibi
is it the library by in Buri area
good habibti i will leave you to study, i love you
i love you more

a couple of hours has passed, i got another message from Ammar
come by the gate im waiting at the car
i went down stairs to see habibi in his car wearing a blue polo shirt and a smile on his face
i was so happy to see him

what a nice surprise!
i know you are busy,Β  i just came by to drop this for you
i looked over and saw a backpack with a bow on. it he got me a new backpack, with some notepads, colorful highlighters pens, some granula energy bars, a cute mug, some instant coffee packs, and some snickers!
how thoughtful of him!!
he is so sweet

you are the best habibi i said as i hugged him and kissed him all over his face
he reached to the back seat and grabbed a sandwich bag from the deli

i know you havent had your lunch yet, i got you your favourite sub, a chicken teriyaki with extra sauce.

how thankful iam! he is the perfect boyfriend.
he takes care of me <3


Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful
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4/27/2018 5:02 am  #30

Re: My Daily Scripting

The 10th of October 2018

It was the day of my big exam, Ammar woke me up with a phone call at 7:30.

Good morning habibti
Good morning i said with a sleepy sexy voice
Hope you had a good sleep, i dont want you to feel tired during your exam
Dont worry habibi i slept well
Good, now get up i will come pick you up at 8

He took a day off from his work to drive me to my exam, he is so thoughful and caring

I got up took a shower, got my admission pappers ready my revision notes

Im outside he texted
I went downstairs
Got into the car, with a big smile i greeted him and hugged him

Dont worry habibti you will do great i know you will!

I could smell coffee in the car, he reached to the back seat grabbed 2 coffee cups and a brown bag with some donuts.
You have to eat something before you get there he said

I sipped my coffee as i turned the pages through my notes
Ammar was driving
I held his hands close to me kissed them and said
Im so lucky to have you in my life
He smiled while his eyes were on the road, he held my hand closer to his face and kissed it

We reached the exma venue, he came inside with me. I saw some of my collegues by the benches outside, i greeted them and introduced Ammar to them.

What time is your break? He asked
I looked through the schedule,
My lunch break is at 11:30
Good i will come by, what do you wanna eat?
Anything habibi
Ok i will leave i now, call me as soon as you finish your first paper
May God be with you, take your time and read the questions carefully. You will do great. Im proud of you
I smiled, his encouraging words warmed up my heart
I will habibi

I entered the exam room, found my seat, listened to the examiners instructions, said a small prayer and started on the exam.
I took my time with each question, i knew the answers for many of them and for the rest i made a smart guess.
I felt good about myself
I will pass this exam like the one before

I finished 30 mins before the end time, i went through my answers a couple of time, and when the exam ended i called habibi. He was waiting for me outside in his car.
He got us some shawerma sandwiches and a couple of sodas.
How was your exam? He asked
Very good! Much better than i expected

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I am Grateful
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