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4/14/2018 10:57 am  #1

My Daily Scripting

the 21th of April 2018

it is a calm night shift at the hospital everything is going smoothly my colleagues are very nice, helpful and we have a great sense of teamwork and harmony
around 7 pm i got a text msg from Ammar, he was asking how was my day going and that he misses me and would like to come stop by to say hi. i said sure and i was so excited i started getting ready, changed my clothes and put on some makeup had my hair nicely pinup in a high ponytail.  ten mins later he called, he said he is outside waiting for me. i rushed outside to find him in his car. i got into the car, hugged him and kissed his cheek.
i miss you habibi he said me too
he drove by the nile and parked the car, held my hands and kissed them. he reached out to the back seat and pulled a bag.
here this is for you
what is it?
a little gift
i opened the bag and found a red rose wrapped with decorative paper and a red ribbon, a box of chocolate my favourite kind, and a gift set from bath and body works <3
he said: im sorry i know i havent got you anything in the past and im starting to make it up to you. hope this is a good start.
i said: habibi thats alot, i dont want any gifts being with you is all i need <3
i thanked him, gave him a big hub and we made out by the river <3


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4/14/2018 11:43 am  #2

Re: My Daily Scripting

Sunday 15th of April 2018
8:30 am

i woke up as usual, got out of bed took a nice shower turned off the airplane mood on my phone and watched as the messages scrolled down my screen as they were loading. to my surprise and delight his name appeared in my recent chat window the name "Ammar" and unread message! my heart skipped a beat
what catched my eyes was his profile pic, yes you guessed it a pic of us, the one when were in Berlin together. he has our picture as a profile pic!!! i cant described how happy i am, i couldnt stop smilling, i feel warmth in my chest, im exicted im happy im grateful. the message said these words:
i love you, im sorry for everything, i miss you, you are my soulmate
when you get a minute give me a call, i will be waiting by the phone.
i replied back:
good morning with a heart emoji, i am on my way to work now, i will call as soon as i finish the round
he said ok i will be waiting

i arrived to the hospital, people can tell from my face that im in the perfect mood, i greeted my colleagues. the round finished early, i went outside the ward and dialed his number
after the first ring he picked up
aw his voice, i love his voice

hi how you are
im fine
where you now
im at the hospital
did you finish?
not yet i will finish around 2
can i come by pick you? and grab a bite?
ok sure
i will be there at 2, bahibik

we hanged up, my heart was racing! i will meet Ammar after a couple of hours!! i started noticing my outfit, is it nice, do i have to touch up my makeup? my friend came over, looked at me and asked whats happening?
i told her do you remember Ammar? my ex? he texted me today and im meeting him after work? i cant wait im so happy
her face lighted up and she hugged me!! thats great
time went by, and when it was 1:45 i went upstairs, washed my face put on some makeup, sprayed my self with some perfume, lathered some hand lotion and fixed my hair.
2 pm the phone rang, his name appeared in my screen. i pickedup
he said im down stairs
i said im coming  right away.

i was trembling i couldnt catch my breath i was a bit nervous but overjoyed!!
im meeting Ammar at last! i love him so much!
i got into the car, he drove by
how was your day? and the new hospital
i said it was fine how are you doing? and how is your work? is your brother back?
he said all good, he is back. are you hungry?
i said yes, where are we going?
mm will see, lets drive around near riyadh area

he drove, held my hand and kissed them
we were holding hands all the way
we parked the car nearby a syrian restaurant, he looked at me. he said i miss you so much, you look so beautiful, he leaned towards me and kissed me.

we sat down, ordered some food and started talking
he apologized for everything, and promised everything will change
he is the man and he will do whatever it takes for us to be together
he promised me he will never let me sleep with tears on my eyes
he promised that we will have a trusting relationship
he said im the one for him and he loves me more than anything

im overwhelmed, on top of the world im happy im grateful. Ammar has changed, he loves me he appreciates me


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4/14/2018 12:23 pm  #3

Re: My Daily Scripting


todays date is the 21 of september 2018
exactly a year ago i woke up next to Ammar in a hotel room in the city of Berlin, and today im doing the same, except that we are in our home city Khartoum. we had our wedding yesterday and we spend our first night as a married couple in a 5 star hotel.
the time now is 5 am we barely slept woken up by a soft alarm tone. we had to get up our flight leaves in 3 hours.
i opened my eyes to see habibi (what i call Ammar) sound asleep,, i came closer to him and gave him a gentle kiss on his right cheek, "wake up habibi, we dont want to miss our flight" he opened his eyes gave me a smile and held me close to his chest.
i tell you, mornings are beautiful when i wake up next to habibi <3
i went to the bathroom took a shower and wore a summer dress. i laid down his outfit while he took his shower. i wore a beautiful fresh perfume that day, a simple makeup. he got out of the shower looked at me and told me how beautiful im and he cant wait to spend the rest of life with me. i blushed i couldn't reply i hugged him right.
we had our luggage ready, we made sure we took all our stuff before we left the room and headed down to the dinning room to have our breakfast.
we sat down on a beautiful table outside watching the sunrise while sipping our hot tea and eating a buttered toast.
we finished breakfast and head outside while we found his brother waiting for us to drive us to the airport.
we arrived at the airport on time, checked in our luggage and waited by the gate for our plane.
alot of people working in the airport recognized him  and congratulated him on his wedding. they politly shook hands with me and wished us a lifetime of happiness.
it was time for our takeoff, us sitting in a first class seats.
me holding tightly to hubby's arm telling him how happy im, we are finally married, flying together heading to our honeymoon. i told him im the luckiest girl to have him as a husband and that i love him more than anything,
he kissed my forehead and told me that he loves me very much and that he will do whatever it takes to make me the happiest wife <3
the plane took off, few hours and we landed in Dubai. we had to wait another 3 hours to catch our next flight to the Maldives, we walked around in the airport, having coffee and dessert. time went by fast our flight was announced and we headed to our gate. it was a 7 hour flight to the maldvies. we sat comfortably in the plane seat. i had my head on his chest as we napped together.
the plane landed and i was basically in heaven, in the most beautiful place on earth with the love of my life

a honeymoon photo session
its been 3 days since we arrived in this heaven on earth .. the Maldives
the ocean, the sand, the waves, the cool breeze, the warm sand and beautiful sunsets.
waking up to the sounds of the waves on our cabin, the warm sunrays entering our room through the white curtains. i woke up to find hubby sleeping next to me with his arms around me waist, i turned around and gently touched his cheek and ran my fingers on his soft lips. he opened his eyes and whispered good morning Diana, i love you. i buried my face in his chest and said i love you back. we stayed for a while cuddling as we watched the beautiful morning from our window. we got up, showered and had our breakfast.
He told me that he managed to get a personal photographer to take some picture of us today by the sea. i got too excited, made my hair really nicely and wore a white floral summer dress with pretty sandals.
Ammar  watched me as i was getting ready and putting on my makeup. he hugged me from behind and kissed my neck and whispered you dont need any makeup, you are beautiful the way you are. i blushed smiled and kissed him.
we waked by the beached, the cool waves touching our feet. he was wearing a white tshirt and some jean shorts. he was wearing his shades. he looked so handsome with the sunlight hitting his face.
he is the most handsome man on earth, and no matter the time you spend it together, he still gives me butterflies <3
the photographer arrived, introduced himself and asked us some questions.
we started posing and taking pictures. the pictures were really beuatiful and you can tell how much we love each other.
the photograpther took pictures of us, while we kissed , Ammar carrying me and my feet up in the air, playfully posing, us laughing together, and lastly we took some pics by the sunset. aw so beautiful
i keep looking at our pictures together and my heart will jump out of my chest from happiness <3
im grateful and im happy
im in love, i love Ammar and he loves me back

an awesome day by the beach and a candle light dinner with habibi
we woke up late today, got up had a light breakfast, took our beach bags and walked out of our cabin to the beach. the weather was hot, i was wearing a two piece bathing suit and a summer cover up and a big hat with shades. habibi was wearing his swimming suit a tshirt and his shades. we sat down, i took out my sunscreen lotion and started applying to his chest and back giving him a gentle massage. he had a content smile on his face, he enjoyed the fact that im taking care of him,
he took my hand we headed towards the ocean doing deeper. habibi is so tall and handsome. i was abit afraid of the high waves but he held me tight. i feel safe when im with him. my arms around his shoulders and making out under the sun, he is so protective of me.we enjoyed the lovely water and had a nice swim.  we ordered some drinks as we cooled off under the shade.
we spent the whole day by the sea, we had  lunch in a nearby restaurant and the time around sunset he went back to the beach. we walked for hours watching the sunset holding hands and making out.
we talked about the future, our house our future kids their names
Ammar looked into my eyes., he tells me im a blessing and he loves me more than anything. he sees me as the most beautiful woman in the world. he loves everything about me, my voice my looks my body my smile my touch my thoughts my comfort <3 i looked back at him  look into his beautiful eyes and told him that he is my soulmate
he held me close to him, we sat down watching as the sun goes down
it got dark so we got back to our cabin, we showered and cuddled by the window watching the moonlight reflecting on the ocean.
he asked me to get ready, he will take me to somewhere special.
i lathered my bath and body works sensual lotion all over my body, wore a red dress and had my hair curled with a curling iron. i did a soft smoky eye and a red sheer lipstick.
we went to a nearby restaurant where  he ordered a private table by the sea with candles.we sat down ordered some grilled salmon a green bean salad and a bottle of red wine. for dessert we shared a molten chocolate cake with vanilla icecream on top. Ammar had a little chocolate in his chin, i came closer to wipe it down but instead i kissed his chin and slowly moving towards his lips .
his kisses are so sweet i couldnt get enough of them. i love how his strong arms are around my waist bringing me closer to his body. i feel safe, loved , he is the man of my dreams.
we stayed up for a couple of hours eating drinking and laughing together,

Snorkling for the first time with hubby
we spent the night in our water villa, woke up to the beautiful sunrays and ocean breeze. habibi made some plans for us today, we are going snorkling for the first time. a boat arrived to pick us up. i wore a beautiful white floral swiming suit, highlighting my curves and sunkissed skin. Ammar was wearing his swiming shorts and his tanned body glissing under the sunlight.
we were introduced to our guide, a middle age guy seemed very friendly. he introduced us to the equimpent and helped us get dressed, it was time to jump into the water, i was afraid but Ammar held me hands and we jumped into the water together. the cool water felt so nice, we followed the instructions, swam for a while and starting snorkling.
it was a whole new world down there, all the beautiful shades of the blue water, the coral bays, the litte fishes, the turtles, all so spectacular.
im so lucky to experience all these with Ammar by my side. im so happy and grateful. we took underwater pics together.
such a beautiful and unique experience! im in the most beautiful place on earth with the guy i love more than anything.
he stayed for a while under water, swam back to the boat, took our equipment off and enjoyed a lovely seafood lunch


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4/14/2018 2:31 pm  #4

Re: My Daily Scripting

monday 16th of april 2018

Date night with Ammar

i started my day with a phone call from Ammar, i picked up the phone and Ammar played my favourite good morning love song, i listening to for 2 mins then he spoke.
good morning habibti
i said good morning
how are you doing?
im fine and you?
i had a dream about you yesterday
really tell me about it?
we were on a plane heading to europe for our summer vacation
wow i love that habibi
me too, i cant wait to be with you again, are you free today? lets go out today
yea sure, what time?
7:30 i will meet you it our usual place
great cant wait, bahibak

i finished work early today went home, took a nap and starting getting ready for my date
i styled my hair with soft curls, i wore my red floral dress cute shoes
my heart racing as i drove to meet him, i cant help but get butterflies
im so excited
we met, greeted each other with a hug. aw he smells so nice i love kissing his neck as we hug
i sat near him in car, his arm wrapped around his waist and im sitting next to him. he playfully kisses me whenever he gets a chance
we had dinner in this beautiful place, the food was great we talked and laughed together
i love spending time with him, he makes me feel so special so loved so happy


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4/14/2018 3:56 pm  #5

Re: My Daily Scripting

habibi has an early flight

i woke up today early, Ammar has an early flight. i got out of the bed, went to the bathroom brushed my teeth and took a refreshing shower. put on a cute top and some comfy booty shorts. when into bed Ammar is still sleeping, aw how peaceful he looks, i started waking him up kissing his beautiful face
wake up habibi
stretching his arms and looking at me with a smile
yea im awake now
i will be preparing breakfast for you
he jumped out of the bed, grabbed his towel and headed to the bathroom. i laid down his outfit nicely in the bed, his white shirt, his 4 strips, his navy jacket, and his favourite cologne. i went to the kitchen brewed some tea and made some sandwiches for him.
he got out of the shower all steamy and hot, i couldnt take my hands off him i kissed him tenderly and helped him get dressed.
what time will you be home
he said around 5
what do you want for dinner?
mm anything habibti, i love your cooking
i smiled and kissed him again. we sipped tea as we talked about his work, he will be flying to madrid today, his co pilot is a nice guy and he respects him alot. it was time for habibi to leave, i walked him to the door. i pulled him closer to me by his tie, and said
take care habibi, be safe and text me when you take off and when you land
i love you to the moon and back
he nodded ok and kissed me back

i love him so much, im so grateful that i married the guy of my dream, i married a pilot
he looks so handsome in his uniform. im so proud of him.
i started planning my day ahead, what shall i cook for dinner today? Ammar loves chicken rolls why not make them for him. i love watching him savoring the food i make for him. i headed  the kitchen taking a mental note of the things i need from the grocery store. i changed into my jeans and drove to pick up the things i need, i got home and started cleaning and tiding up our lovely apartment. started on my dish and baked some cheesecake for dessert.
it was 5:30 when i heard the door open it was my hubby coming home
aw the joy i get when i see him, he fills me live with joy
welcome home happy i jumped and hugged him. he carried me while my legs were around him.
i miss you
i miss you more habibi, let me take your suitcase i have already prepared a nice warm bath for you to relax.
im exhuasted, today was a long day
i know habibi God bless your work, im so proud of you

he took a nice calming bath while i massaged his neck and shoulders. he laid his head on my lap appreciating my touch and tenderness.
he took a nap while read a book
around 8 i started heating dinner, delicious stuffed chicken rolls and a garden salad.
we ate and talked about his day. he told me how beautiful madrid looked from above. he promised he will take me there in spring break

marrying Ammar is the best thing that ever happened to me
im the happiest girl on earth
i married my soulmate


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Re: My Daily Scripting

16th of April 2018
11 pm

I took a hot shower and was getting ready for bed when I got another call from Ammar, i get butterflies everytime i see his name in my screen.
Hey how are you?
How is G?
She is doing fine, we started on the medication you prescibed
Thank God, did the fever subside?
Yes it did. Diana
Thank You very much, i said it once and im saying it again, you are an angel habibti. I never want to loose you again. I love you im sorry
Its ok habibi i love u too
Stay on the line with me till we fall asleep

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Re: My Daily Scripting

a day off with hubby
mornings are always perfect when i wake up next to Ammar, its a beautiful december morning. the weather is chilly outside, our little home is all cozy and warm. im under the covers with Ammar.
Ammar woke me up with a kiss
Good morning habibti
Godd morning habibi
i came closer to him and laid my head on his chest, closed my eyes again and napped.
i love his warmth, his voice, his scent,his breath on my neck. he hugs me tightly and lets go. i feel so grateful and secure with him.
we stayed in bed till noon, cuddling and napping. he got up got us some tea to drink in bed. i love it when he spoils me. he is so thoughful.
we couldn't decide whether to go out or just eat at home.
we looked outside the window the weather seemed fine so we decided to have brunch in a nearby restaurant. 
we got ready, Ammar wrapped a scraf around my neck and hugged me from behind
i dont want you to get cold, he said
he kissed my cheek, i turned my head and kissed his lips.
he is the perfect partner
we got into the car and drove by.
the place was nice, tables were simple with some lovely flowers on top
we sat next to each other and ordered brunch. i was in a the mood for a big breakfast i ordered the brunch combo with two sunny side eggs veggies on the side and buttery pancakes. Ammar was in the mood for a hot  sandwich, he ordered a monty cristo.  we enjoyed our hot brunch with rich coffee.
we walked around the neighborhood holding hands, the weather got abit windy so we decided to head home. 
we stayed all day cuddling and watching movies.


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Re: My Daily Scripting

Hubby is coming home from a work trip

Ammar is coming home atlast. he had international flights the past week. i miss him so much. he has been always in touch with me, calling and texting before landing and  take off.
im preparing for a special night,  i want him to feel pampered after a long week of work.
i went to the spa, got a facial and had my nails done. i had my body fully waxed.
i went to the mall and bought some sexy lingerie, a dark sheer purple teddy.
i got home and started preparing dinner, steak with mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, a greek salad and for dessert a chocolate souffle. i got the dinning table ready with fresh cut roses and candles. arranged the plates nicely.
got to my room, and got ready to meet hubby, i wore the purple teddy with a matching robe. lathered my body with a shimmering scented body lotion. put on some makeup and nicely styled my hair. 
i heard the door opened, i rushed to the enterance,and literally jumped into his arms. i hugged him so tenderling and kissed him all over his lips. he carried me to the sofa, we sat down, i held his face with my hands and looked at his eyes. telling him how much i missed him. kissing him all over his face and him doing the same.
habibi you must be hungry do you want to eat now?
yea im starving
2 mins and everything will be ready

Ammar savored the food, enjoying every bite. appreciating my efforts. 

i will go take a shower now
ok habibi, i have something prepared for you

i filled the tub with warm water, a bath bomb and lit some candles in the bathroom

wooh! whats that?
its for you habibi, i want you to relax.

he took of his clothes and got into the tub, enjoying the warmth of the water and scents of the candles.
i took off my robe and sat on the edge of the bathtub, my legs submerged into the water. i poured some oil into my hands and started to massage his neck and shoulders.

come join me, he said
i took off my teddy and got into the tub with him.
he couldnt take his eyes off me, watching me as i undress. noticing my soft skin, and my curves. he tenderly touched my body, kissed me passionately.
we made love..

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4/17/2018 2:45 pm  #9

Re: My Daily Scripting

we are on our way to the airport, me hubby and our baby, going back to our home country
Ammars younger brother is getting married and we are attending the wedding. its the first time for our baby to meet his grandparents, everyone is excited to meet us.
Ammar comes from a mixed race family, but mostly they take over their Sudanese heritage.
the plane ride was comfortable our baby slept through most of the flight, i read a book while leaning close to habibis chest.
the plane landed, we grabbed our luagage, Ammars brothers were there to welcome us at the gate. they all gave us a warm welcome at their family house, prepared a room for us. baby was so adorable all charming and playful.
we had to attend alot of parties, all of which i had to dress up like a married sudanese women. i had my hands and feet hennad, i took part in the dukkhan aroma treatment, treated by skin with special oils and scrubs. and wore all scents of sandalwood and traditional sudnaese perfumes.
i wore a beautiful silk toub, had my dark hair straightened flowing over my back and shoulders, wore my gold jewellery and high heels. the dark designs of henna looked so beautiful complementing my fair complexion.
everyone looked at me with amazement, old ladies came to me and Ammar. complementing on my looks, and how i look so beautiful in the traditional dress.
Ammar couldn't take his eyes off me, whispering occasionally to my ear, telling me how sexy and beautiful i look. i can pull off any elegant look with ease. he tells me how everyone is envying him for having such a beautiful wife. he tells me he has only eyes for me, he cant look at anyone else.
we got to our room, all exhausted from onging parties. baby was sleeping in the next room.
i was taking off my jewellery and makeup when Ammar came behind me, had his arms around my waist, pulled me closer to his body, kissed my neck and whispered i love you, you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

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4/17/2018 3:55 pm  #10

Re: My Daily Scripting

today is the 18th of april 2018
i woke up today with a love text message from Ammar
Good Morning <3
i love you

yes things finally turned to the best! he is back!! im grateful thank you thank you thank you!!!
yesterday night around 11 pm i was getting ready to go to bed, when my phone rang
i picked it up to see his name in my screen
i picked up
hi how are you?
im fine, is everything ok? is your niece ok?
yea yea don't worry we are all fine, i just want to talk to you
yea sure
i dont know where to start Diana, i have never been so sure about something, as the fact that im deeply hopelessly in love with you. i came to a realization that you are the one for me. i have eyes only for you. you are my soulmate. i dont know how we can be together, but i swear to God i will do whatever it takes for us to end up together. what i want now is for you to stay with me, i cant take anymore silence from you. stay close to me, if i did something that upsets you please be patient. i will make it up to you. i will do what ever it takes for you to be happy. you are gift from heaven,  i dont want to loose you!

i couldn't believe what i just heard! yes its Ammar! yes he called me! and he said all these beautiful things.
im so happy im so grateful
for an instance i couldn't reply, i was overwhelmed!!
oh the sigh of relieve!

Diana? are you still there?
yes i heard what you said. i love you too. you are mine and im yours. we destined to be together i truely believe that in my heart.
i love you
i love you more
i miss you so much, catch me up. what is going on with your life?
i started a new shift, a new hospital im getting used to it. everything is fine. what about you? how is your work?
all good, the company is arranging more tips in the comming weeks and i will be part of it
thats great! im so proud of you habibi.
i really wana see you? when are you free.
i finish work around 3.
shall i come pick you up from work?
yes please
ok i will
i miss you so much habibi
i miss you even more.
dont hang up, stay in the line with me


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