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4/04/2018 1:21 pm  #1

Feeling is the Secret - Neville Goddard

Hi all! I have no idea whether someone has posted this link or not, but I found an amazing page on Neville's teachings. There's an clear audio track you can listen to for each chapter of his books (it's not neville speaking, but it's definitely clearer). I find it easier to read and listen to than the ones on youtube (because the ones on youtube has a poor sound quality due to the technology back then). 

But here is the link: 

Reading/listening to this with the combination of everyone's advice really helped my mind click the other day. Even though I've heard the phrase "live in the end" and "act as if" over and over again, I didn't really understand it nor did I apply it until I read this. The reason why maybe I've been having difficultly with LOA for my sp is because I've been living constantly in the "want" phase. I didn't visualize what I wanted (key missing step). This reading makes me understand the whole "time and space" element to LOA as well. 

I hope this helps everyone! Sending love and hope to you all! You all have what you desire. 

Be kind. Be loving. Be grateful. 

9/19/2018 5:05 pm  #2

Re: Feeling is the Secret - Neville Goddard

Thanks for this!


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