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4/03/2018 5:49 pm  #1

Virtual letter to ex.

I'm new here, first post. Feeling great reading through lots of the topics here.

Regarding the virtual letter that I read about here somewhere (I cannot find it now), I have a few questions.

Shall I do that for 30 days?

Does it have to be something new every day? I guess I shouldn’t repeat myself too much?
Can I tell my ex what I have done through the day as well? We had a long distance relationship and used to do that. We both loved that.

Can the letter be short like 5-10 lines? Not sure I can write letters every day in a month if it has to be a long letter. I think I will read it (out loud) every evening as if she was here to here it.

Is there anything more I should remember and write in that letter?

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