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3/25/2018 7:17 pm  #1

Need help asap big resistence on remote seduction

So Ive been trying to court my crush for a few months now and eveything had been going great. We had great meet ups and great conversation...but things were so slow so i thought id use some remote seduction plus Lanies PW. The first night i used PW, I met SP next day and they were really cold and didnt really want to spend more time together. I think I must have used RS about 5 or 6 times, and all of a sudden, this SP is not happy with me anymore. Its gone hot to cold.Β 

I should say right now were 'just friends' but its truly upsetting because ever since using RS, like immediatly after, things have gone downhill. They were cold when I met with them and then the other day out of nowhere they canceled future plans to meet up. Theyve blown me off and without a sorry or explanation which isnt like them.Β 

Last text from SP before RS "I cant wait to meet up!!! "
My most recent text after 6 RS "cant that day"
Within 2 weeks of using RS, this person has pulled away from me and blown me off, It almost makes me wish I never used RS because maybe then theyd still meet with me and theyd be talking to me instead of giving me the cold shoulder.

My question is: should I persist in doing RS? Should I take a break? Make vizualizations stronger? Also, how should I act when/if we hang out? They have beeen sooo cold since mid March! Its so painful.Β 


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