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3/12/2018 8:50 pm  #1

At work and got a text from my Matt Y

Working on scripting here it goes...

It was a long day at work. I had been waiting patiently for him to communicate with me today. He had said good morning and asked if I could come over today.  I had said yes, I was waiting for a reply back from him, he was working today too. 

 It has been a month now we have started back talking/communicating. I have been to his house three times, but today, I told him I need you to hold me. I love to feel his hugs and they way he holds me. I love it very much. He is the 1st guy I had ever felt safe with. Knowing I had nothing to fear. I feel like our journey played out like a movie. 50 shades of gray , Safe Haven or Twilight. I was the person who was lost/scared of love. He was strong/iced hearted were no one could have broke his barriers. But somehow in that 2 short month time span I was with him. I had planted a seed in his heart. Even though we were did not communicate for a short time span. He still thought about me everyday and wanted to see me each day. He was a bad boy and I was the good girl he fall in love with. His country girl soulmate. 10 minutes before I was supposed to leave, he texted me saying to come on over. He wanted to put his big arms around my small body.......

Thank you Universe for finding Veroinca. I appreciated all of Veronica's help I appreciate all the signs you have given me. I appreciate Veroinca helping sticking to the challenge :-)



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