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1/25/2018 9:14 pm  #1

Neville manifesting group

I was thinking it would be cool to have a group of people who would like to work together in co-creating for each other. I would like to stick with Neville techniques, though, to keep it consistent and to keep everyone on the same page.ย 

We figure out the format and all the little details as we go. I think it would be important to send voice messages to each other stating our desire in order to "hear" each others' voices.


1/25/2018 10:22 pm  #2

Re: Neville manifesting group

ย that would be amazingย


1/29/2018 8:05 pm  #3

Re: Neville manifesting group

Hi guys!

ย I would really love for this group to take off. Not only for recreating a relationship that is very dear to me (even if we become just great friends) but I think really understanding Neville and his teachings will dramatically improv any area of our lives.ย 

The more I try and read about him and his teachings- the more Law of Attraction doesn't really seem to be the right turn of phrase. We're creating- all the time- and if we can imagine something than it must be a real possibility- for you can not imagine something that does not exist...

Anyways- let's keep the show on the road and master this amazing guy and his amazing teachings!ย 



1/29/2018 8:12 pm  #4

Re: Neville manifesting group

Hi- I am now just making a third posting for the heck of it so I can reply to a PM! Thank you for indulging!


2/14/2018 12:56 pm  #5

Re: Neville manifesting group

I heard great things about his teachings.


2/14/2018 3:02 pm  #6

Re: Neville manifesting group

Blue wrote:

Thereโ€™s a Discord group here
All about Neville. I found it via Reddit.

What an unfortunate name for something so positive - discord.

The first man to raise a fist is the man who has run out of ideas.

4/28/2019 12:48 pm  #7

Re: Neville manifesting group

My name is Lis.ย  Im trying to manifest Scott back... please send excellent vibes that he reaches me again soon and our second go around is a lovely commitment!

May all your wishes come true and be of benefit to all living beings!

6/25/2020 12:36 pm  #8

Re: Neville manifesting group

I am big Neville lover, changed my life
upgrading myself with other resonating teachings too
we can always talk each other
whatsapp i wasnt using much , but now i am little bit
we can ! let me know anyone interested, msg me private here
we can also make a group on viber

Thanks & Loveย ยโ€‹
Feel free to PM for anything else.

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