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1/21/2018 4:35 pm  #1

Manifested communication but from someone else

So I've been following nevilles approach for a few months now. Since visualising the way Neville taught I have manifested communication from my love. I've not heard from him since however continuing with my visualisation. I noticed tody he's unblocked me on Facebook aswell. In the last month I've also managed to manifest communication from 2 other guys that I use to speak with a few years back. Its amazing how visualisation and Loa work. I'm going to continue with this and feel from the end result - I will keep you posted!


2/27/2018 7:09 pm  #2

Re: Manifested communication but from someone else

This is wonderful news..keep up the great work!! I think I need more practice with my manifestations.what were some visualization/guides you used to get unblocked?


2/16/2023 1:43 pm  #3

Re: Manifested communication but from someone else

Very nice! When we open up our receiving floodgates, the manifestations certainly do come flooding in! Hence the texts from several guys, not just the one you were wanting it from. 


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