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1/21/2018 4:35 pm  #1

Manifested communication but from someone else

So I've been following nevilles approach for a few months now. Since visualising the way Neville taught I have manifested communication from my love. I've not heard from him since however continuing with my visualisation. I noticed tody he's unblocked me on Facebook aswell. In the last month I've also managed to manifest communication from 2 other guys that I use to speak with a few years back. Its amazing how visualisation and Loa work. I'm going to continue with this and feel from the end result - I will keep you posted!


2/27/2018 7:09 pm  #2

Re: Manifested communication but from someone else

This is wonderful news..keep up the great work!! I think I need more practice with my manifestations.what were some visualization/guides you used to get unblocked?


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