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12/08/2017 3:52 am  #11

Re: Good question. What are your thoughts?

Bugg88 wrote:

jbk2017 wrote:

Ok, now it just seems like your head is in the clouds. Everyone has an ex or many that they wouldnt give the time or day to.Β  My point being, this cannot work for EVERYONE in every situation.Β  There are many reasons why you wouldnt go back to an ex and positive thoughts wouldnt change that.Β  There are people in this world that you just are not compatible with and/or attracted to and people that completely turn you off. Positive thoughts from the other person wont change that.Β  This is basically saying any person can draw another person in with positive thoughts.Β  That will not work.Β  I think both people have to have feelings left for the other to draw in an attraction.Β  It has to go both ways.Β  You cannot just attract anyone you pick.Β  I dont think life works like that.Β  I would like to know Veronica's point of view on this.Β  Thanks for the responses by the way.Β  And it has nothing to do with an ego.Β Β 

I think you are missing the point completely. LOA is not just about positive thoughts. Yes, positive thoughts help to raise your vibration and one positive thought will lead to another which will help you to take inspired action towards the direction of your desires. However, like Sanshi said, positive thought alone will not even get you a piece of chocolate.

Have you studied Neville Goddard? LOA is so much simpler than you are making it out to be. Imagination creates reality, period. So, if your beliefs support you never getting back with a particular ex, then that is the reality that you will experience. You create YOUR reality just like I create mine and your ex creates theirs.This is  where parallel realities come into play (if you believe in that). There are many possibilities and different states of consciousness, your job as a conscious creator is just to choose which state you would like, and to bring that state into your current reality by getting into alignment with it.

Ok so what create our reality when not positive thoughts?our beliefs,  act  AS if??imagination?? So many people here to imagination, script etc but they are sad so they dont attract him back....  I can be still sad and cry and I can attract him back when you write  just  positive thoughts not work??? Im confused about all loa, because every person tell something different.. I read success stories, when  people focus on yourself and wer happy and forgot on their exes and their exes came back so why you write that only ppsitive thoughts not work?? when every advice here is that raise your vibrations , be happy and he will come back


12/08/2017 4:46 am  #12

Re: Good question. What are your thoughts?

Another flood of assumptions.. you can't be a "realist" and use LoA successfully. You have to decide for one. Do what Bugg told you and dive into Neville. And I am not exactly sure to whom you where talking, when you said that it seems like "your head was in the clouds"..but for me, it took me two years of constant studying to get my head in the clouds that much. And believe me, I don't like to waste my time (that's why I leave this discussion now). If it wasn't working, I had dropped it a long time ago. It's your decision what you believe, how unhappy you want to live your life and how much you believe in limitations.

"Self-abandonment. That is the secret. We have to abandon ourselves to the state, in our love for the state, and in so doing live the life of the state and no more our present state. And to make the state alive, one must become it."

Neville Goddard ~ The Law and the Promise

12/08/2017 8:03 am  #13

Re: Good question. What are your thoughts?

Ok yes it can work majority of the time it starts within not from the outside . Reread what I wrote again. I think the definition of someone's head being in the clouds is sitting there visualizing focusing on the person too much and not working on themselves or being happy by themselves . I feel you are really missing the point it has more to do within then with the other person. I ll say this again you cannot make someone fall in love with you. Loa isn't some random magic . You change yourself for the better get yourself in a better state and through that you have a better possibility of attracting what you want . In fact most times that happens because people and things are attracted to positive happy vibes confidence etc. Now of course it can't be fake and of course it's not just positive thoughts . It's working on you and once you do that love yourself completely and are happy people are more likely to gravitate towards that. I ll say it again you are not magically making this person love you and you can't make someone love you. The idea is that they were very much attracted to you before so it is more then likely after you get yourself back they will be attracted to you again because they see in you things that attract them. This is where a lot of people don't understand . It's not making someone love you it's not magic. It's just attraction. It won't work if you fake it you really have to do the work on yourself. I personally do not like remote seduction I don't completely understand it but sometimes I feel that is like mind control and I don't personally agree with it. I feel personally feel the explanation I'm giving you is more natural. Yes I am concussion aware I want this person and yes I am working things to get them back but like I said before you start off wanting to get this person and when you actively do the work on yourself you find that you were looking for the feeling they give you and the love you want and you actually can give it yourself. Yes I still want my guy and I know he's attracted to me however I am happy with myself and the peace I have found I would love things to keep going but I also know if they don't I ll be ok. It's also about accepting the possibility that it may not work. It sounds counter productive but it's not really giving up its letting go and just saying hey I ve done this I feel good I would like this to work but I'm not desperate. And because you have a better attitude and all that things gravitate towards that energy which is again why it works a lot of the time because people and things gravitate towards that


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