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10/24/2017 7:42 pm  #1

Today I manifested winning concert tickets!

About a month ago, I saw that my favorite band would be playing locally, but I procrastinated about buying tickets and by the time I looked, there was almost nothing left, only bad seats. ย I decided I would manifest free tickets. ย I looked online to see if there were any contests going on that I could enter for tickets. ย Sure enough, I found one. ย I had to finish song lyrics for five songs in order to enter, which was no problem for me since I knew all of them by heart. ย I set my intention to win the tickets and then I let go by deciding it didn't matter if I won them or not, if I didn't win them maybe I would just buy the lousy seats and go anyway or maybe I would just wait for them to come to a different venue. ย Then this past weekend I asked my friend if he was busy this coming weekend, because I entered to win concert tickets and wanted to know if he would go with me if I won. ย He said yes but seemed skeptical, but I knew I would have them. ย I took notice that they were supposed to announce the ticket winners on Monday the 23rd. ย Then I just got busy and forgot about it. ย Today I was checking my emails and saw that I got a notice that I had won two tickets! ย They sent the notice a day late, but I was ready to receive them. ย I called to confirm and they told me the seats are in a really good section of the orchestra, right in front of my favorite musician in the band! I'm so excited! ย 


10/25/2017 4:24 am  #2

Re: Today I manifested winning concert tickets!

Wow! Such things are so inspiring. Congratulations to you and happy manifesting ๐Ÿ˜€

Living in gratitude, loving yourself, asking and let go! Trust the process!ย 

10/25/2017 7:57 am  #3

Re: Today I manifested winning concert tickets!

wow very cool. Enjoy the concert!


10/25/2017 8:34 am  #4

Re: Today I manifested winning concert tickets!



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