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8/07/2017 5:27 am  #1

Reverse RI?!

OK so this is really odd...
There were a couple days when I felt like letting go was the right thing to do in order to manifest. In those specific days or the days immediately after those, my girl contacted me (which probably means she felt something).

So far so good, makes perfect sense.

But now I've stopped doing LoA techniques all together and I'm feeling something as I can only describe as intrusive memories.

I'm completely distracted going about my business, doing activities that require concentration, completely unaware of my surroundings and BAM, a vague memory of the time when I was with my girl pops up out of nowhere and makes me feel rather strange.

I usually can identify why random thoughts show up once they've shown up, there's usually some kind of trigger beforehand. However, these thoughts are completely unannounced and they also fade into the background quickly.

Could it be that she's thinking about it too? The thoughts don't exactly make me feel good, it's almost as if she is thinking about this and sending me needy vibes!


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