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7/08/2017 8:33 pm  #1

Positive affirmations thread

Hey everyone,

I am new to practising LOA and Veronica's 25 Day challenge, so I've decided to create a thread here dedicated to bringing positive vibrations, as I realise that occasionally we can have off days where we don't feel like it's going to according to plan ( I know I do sometimes), but if we do this together and by bringing our positive vibrations together on a united front we can each manifest our desires. So, I thought I'd start with adding a positive affirmation image first and we can continue this together by taking turns to make it a long thread of positive affirmation images for all of us to read and refer to when necessaryΒ 




7/10/2017 6:06 am  #2

Re: Positive affirmations thread

bump anyone come on

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12/26/2022 3:24 am  #3

Re: Positive affirmations thread

Glad to read your positive affirmations thread here that would be wise and updated. I hope the numerous people are getting great sharing online and exploring lots of new things. Really like your tremendous help to boost my grades hope would be updated and wise please continue to bring more work here.


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