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6/09/2017 6:17 am  #1

daniel and i are back :) <3

hey guys! my name is israel and i'm going to share my success story with you guys! (while listening to Love Me by Yiruma)

This story also contains somewhat explicit info so watch out for that! YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.

My story begins with this brief telling of my relationship being a LDR. I live in Texas and my love lives in Maryland, and even though in the past we never thought we'd meet in person, we eventually did. what wasn't real became possible, VERY possible. however our relationship had called due to my wrong behavior and wrong choices. i promise when i say that i don't know what had gotten into me, i became abusivo, dishonest and cheated on him! i was jealous, hypocritical, controlling and unjust with him. there were times in which i recognized my wrongs and would try to fix them, and of course, in order to fix a problem, you first must realize there is one. this doesn't mean i was a douche DAILY with him, there were moments in which my frustration would get the best of me. scary bf right? who'd want to be with me? nobody..

i moved to maryland for a few months and that's when stuff got really crappy, but at the same time beautiful... idk... but i had become something else that daniel didn't even recognize me anymore. for the last 2 months in maryland, i began to be so much understanding, accepting, loving, kind, much more gentle, changing and maturing. then i left.. daniel and i had planned to move in, however we weren't ready... i didn't have a job, so i again started behaving childish and mean with him. March 28, 2016 he left. i realized i had to change for real, behave and be mature, but not for him, but me.. so i started to go out to run and visualize, i learned of the LoA and watched Veronica's vids but never really contacted her. i also two free sessions with an LoA lady over the phone who taught me about my higher self and how to communicate with him. it helped a lot. i had another mentor named Rober Zink who'd help me. he has podcasts on itunes of the LoA. he taught me about "this or something better", visualizing and more. of which i did. but for some reason, it was difficult to visualize.. i was TOO impatient, frustrated and would get impulsive. but i attracted him back anyways but things didn't work out swell.

it took up until mid July 2016 when he came back, starting to give me another try. i wanted to show him a better me, and i tried, but i as such a hypocrite.. one night we argued, he cried and needed me, but i? i literally hooked up with someone else drunk. but i wanted finns honest to daniel, and told him, and out of fear that he'd block me again and leave, i twisted the story, lied... making things much more complicated. on august 2016, he committed again with me. this time me being accepting, patient, calm, understanding, but still a liar... when things were starting go to fall back into place, i messed up again. on the last week of november, an aquatinted guy and i traded porn links on snapchat, of which, i knew i was wrong. my higher self told me i had to tell Daniel about it, which i really was going to but my week got super busy i forgot about telling him. however he found out and left on november 24, 2016....

i was sad... dreadfully sad for a week, but i knew what had be done. so again i tried.. no, i didn't try, i DID. i started taking action. buying LoA books, started to meditating using this app named Headspace which helps A LOT. i read a book on heart energy and that helped me attract a job, more friends and awesome events! for two solid months, i felt love, i felt attraction! the universe kept sending me signs and dreams constantly! one of them which is my favorite, "romance is around the corner."
i forgotten to mention that Veronica Isles was my mentor! and so was Robert Zink, but unlike him, Veronica was very patient and explained in detail what to do in a tough situation. visualizing had become effortless, and i could do affirmations with strong belief, however... things were starting to get rough.. On december 12 2016, daniel messaged me just to tell me that he hooked up with someone else, and that he was getting over me. i told him to be becareful. that instant he told me that, i felt rage, anger that suddenly was silenced by love and patience, turning it into raging passion to pursue him more and forgive him and love him so much more. when i realized that, in the past, i thought that i'd hate him and leave him if he ever did that, but no... I LOVED HIM MORE. SO MUCH MORE!! the day after that, its when i went to a chinese restaurant devestated but still feeling good, treating myself for meal, and there it was... fortune cookie with a message. the universe was telling me "romance is just around the corner."

on January 14 2017, Daniel dated this other guy for almost a month. daniel described him as a super meaner version of me. however, Robert Zink predicted that Daniel would come back by Valentine's day, which DAMN, he did, but not the way i wanted. before that however, on february 1, daniel and i had a phone call for almost two hours. Robert told me to call him! i was super afraid of getting blocked however, i was not. surprisingly he answered, i told him that i loved him so much and he was silent for most of the time... few days after he messaged me to ask if i was seeing anyone, of which i wasn't. i began to wonder why he even cared if he had a bf. i asked my mentor and he replied, "you know why israel. he loves you." that same day, the other guy messaged me telling me i was creating problems with them and should leave him alone.

few days before, daniel broke up with the other guy for good and exactly on VALENTINES DAY he liked my video of me singing and added me back on snapchat and messaged me telling me to listen to a song he emailed me and it was him singing "dream a little dream of me". during those days, my mentor Robert was teaching me how to attract with lucid dreams lol!! coincidence?! i think NOT!

it took months, long months. months of which daniel would hook up with other guys, and maybe not for the reason you may think. i'll explain. he told me that the reason why i hooked up was because he felt like he was nothing after what i've done, like he was trash, just a dirty rag anyone could get their dirty hands on and throw away. he did it to just be used because he felt like trash, not out of pleasure. it pains me to hear something like that so much... that explained why daniel was very cold and indifferent to me all the time. he didn't want anything with me, he even would tell me that if he could hate me, he would. he'd tell me my wrongs to me; he called me a liar, a cheater, abusivo, you name it!! he'd tell me i had no right to know if he was okay or even caring about him. it took months!! from February to April. i was startinto convince myself that getting Daniel back was impossible. he was too torn apart, and i was feeling SO MUCH guilt. i haven't even talked about that! i felt so so guilty at times that i even cried remembering the things i've said and done. most of my pain wasn't because daniel didn't want me, but because i was guilty of breaking the love of my life's heart. i destroyed the relationship i longed for.. i thought and believed i had lost it all. gone forever.

on march, i started talking to this other guy, but we stopped talking because he would just ignore me for most of the time and i didn't want that. but i was preparing to truly let go. of course, ive let go of the situation and let the universe take control, but i wanted to really unattach from everything, so i wouldn't care who he was dating or seeing simply so i could attract easier... April, daniel had told me he didn't love me anymore and moved on, but only was lying simply get away, but that same week he told me... he loves me, that he can't get away, but that he doesn't want to be with me because he's afraid to be heartbroken.

that's when POOF... magic

during on march and beggining of april, those days, i had hooked up with another guy, and so did daniel! and the WEIRD part is that one of those times, before i met up with the guy, i felt something odd... as if daniel was doing the same thing. i ignored the the feeling and did what we did. that same day we talked on the phone and he told me that he did what he did and me because i wanted to be honest to him because it's the right thing to do, i told him too. he ask at what time and it turns out, that we both did it at the same time. we cried and were sad, but then we started talking as friends, bonded, laughed, started to trust each other again and even love one another. daniel confessed that there was no doubt about us, we're not just in love... we're soulmates. he told me that he couldn't imagine being with anyone else but me! so we'd talk about a future relationship. however i didn't feel ready because i didn't feel confident because of my past... but through meditation i realized i was more than ready. i was willing.

daniel and i are now in a new loving relationship, still fixing few flaws, still trying to let go of the past, but knowing where we want to go, knowing who we want. we both have changed and matured a lot, and have learned a lot and use our experieced in our lives!  we love each other so much and there are times we argue, but this time, we'll stick together forever. we're going to see each other this summer.
i still have yet to attract more!! a great job! a nice home and a car! more money!!


is attracting back your ex possible? yes!! VERY POSSIBLE. i am proof! i honestly thought i had lost it all! everything! i thought it was gone forever but no! it's all here :')

here's some tips:
- LET GO: letting go doesn't meant give up, it means, let go of the curtesy circumstance and let the universe work on it. if you keep trying to control everything, the way he/she should come back or when, you'll be choking up the energy! let the universe do what it needs to do. when you order pizza from Papa John's or Domino's or your preferred restaurant, you don't call back to check up on your order! you know it's coming and that it'll be delivered to you, so be patient!

- THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER: i know! i know! don't like to break it to you like that but... the universe can see around corners, you cannot. this is also part of letting go, you're letting the universe and its will to overcome your painful situation and bring you something new! 80% of the people attract the one they love, their ex the people that want, but 15%-20% attract something even better!! the universe already knows what you want, that's your main direction, that's what you're gonna attract, but always leave space for something better

HEART ENERGY: be love. BE LOVE. radiate love!! love is a frequency that vibrates stronger than pain and sadness!

GRATITUDE: always begin your day with gratitude! listen again, love is the highest frequency in the universe and it so much powerful, and gratitude is the way to love! when you're grateful, you love for what you have; family, friends, a job, life, nature!!

you don't have to be SUPER POSITIVE AWESOME YEAH daily! just feel good, feel love, feel positive. cry when you need to, grief when you have to, but don't stay in the gutter, that'll slow your attraction down. that sadness will become frustration and frustration becomes anger, and that anger will want to control your attraction, trying to speed up your ex back, but remember, you're chocking up the energy trying to control the situation. let it go, let it flow! just feel good, go out for a run, go out for a walk and look at all that was created, all for you

is negative energy more powerful/stronger? no, it's not! it's simply easier to fall into our bad emotions because our emotions as humans in this crude matter and ego are like gravity. but our souls however, our higher selves have God's wisdom, who is all love! and love is a higher frequency! so you can't just go from anger to love in an instant unless you center yourself and atune yourself into love. you can do that through meditation. it's like climbing up a big hill, it's harder to get up there and tiring, unless you train your legs to do so, but when you fall from it, it's quick! this is why meditation is very important. meditation helps so much to not think negative thoughts, and to not think doesn't mean the absence of thought, it means not stepping in and giving thoughts feelings/emotions. your thoughts can become feelings/emotions and emotions turn into vibreation/frequency and frequency is what you attract. the universe doesn't speak english or spanish, but vibration!

i really hope this helped you guys! i love you all so much! love and light to you all <3


6/09/2017 10:16 am  #2

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

You know more or less, my story resembles yours. But I am not all about getting him back now. I mean sure I would love for him to come back but I am totally okay with the alternative. And thank you so much for telling us about Headspace. I downloaded it too.
I am really happy for you. Good luck for your future with you guy.

Ask. Believe. Recieve.

6/09/2017 10:49 am  #3

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Congrats! So happy for you!

I am blessed and loved.

LJ + K forever!

6/09/2017 11:28 am  #4

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

I am so happy for you. I still remember when i was not ok about my Ldr situation you told me "just see them by God's eyes, god always spread love" since then till now i never have any anger to her whatever she did. Because this lines always come im my mind & i smile thinking about her.
Thank you so much love how you are together.


6/09/2017 6:29 pm  #5

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Congratulations!! I am so so happy for you thank you for sharing!!

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and faithful in prayer! Romans 12:12

8/11/2017 1:00 am  #6

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Thats freaking awesome, i hope you guys are happy


8/21/2017 11:12 am  #7

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Tears in my eyes....
I had hurted him alot....
pray for him


9/22/2017 8:08 am  #8

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Your story made me cry tears of joy :') I'm so happy for you, Much love to you! Never give up on your truth.

I'll see it when I believe it

9/22/2017 9:21 am  #9

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3



9/25/2017 6:47 am  #10

Re: daniel and i are back :) <3

Congrats!! I really enjoyed reading what you have said!Β 


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