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5/29/2017 11:32 am  #11

Re: You should read this.

this is a lovely post and very inspirational.


5/31/2017 7:58 am  #12

Re: You should read this.

Just what I need to read. Thank you.

I've been feeling down the past 3 days because I saw nothing. BUT I BELIEVE HE WILL MESSAGE ME AND HE IS THINKING OF ME.

He just doesnt realise it yet.

Thank you.

Ps. Just did visualisation and cry meh T_T


5/31/2017 1:03 pm  #13

Re: You should read this.

Rob wrote:

I just posted my experience a few minutes ago.ย 
I hope you will not mind if I post it here again because There are so man things she just Said to me which made me feel that none of the Work I did worked.ย 
So here it is.ย 

So right Now Iam sitting in the kitchen of my love. We just had a conversation.ย 
We spent The Last 3 days with each other. There was a lot of tension, little Fights etc. I felt as if I was unwanted.ย 
So we just spoke about our current situation. She Said, that she is annoyed, she cannot stand it to has anybody around her except her 2 Children. She just feels stressed out and Said, that she does not think, that we cannot have a future, she Said that There are Zero Feelings left for me and at the end she asked me to leave tomorrow.....ย 
Iam very frustrated. She Said she is not the type of person who wants to be so close to someone, she does not want to make compromises. ย All this Visualization, all this sending of unconditional love, all this Listening to subliminals, all these remote seduction Sessions....nothing has helped or made a change in her behavior or Feelings towards me. She Said it would not even make her Said if we would not see each other again and that she does not really think about me since our breakup in february.ย 
I do not know What I did wrong.... Please help me through this. The saying "when I cannot Stop thinking about my desire it is because she is also thinking about me, or The wish of reconciliation exists in her too" all these sayings Seem so wrong to me right Now. I mean how can I have faith in this after The things she told me 20 minutes ago?ย 
Please give me some pieces of advice, is There still a chance for me? What should I do? Right Now I really do not see a chance of getting her back...ย 

Stop focusing on your current reality and stop worrying. Visualize the relationship you want and believe it can happen. Remember, nothing is impossible ๐Ÿ‘Œ
It is true that who you want, wants you too ๐Ÿ‘Œ

We recieve exactly what we expect to recieve. - John Holland.ย ย 
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5/31/2017 1:04 pm  #14

Re: You should read this.

Avaelle wrote:

Heeeeeey Jen!!!!!

Hey ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

We recieve exactly what we expect to recieve. - John Holland.ย ย 
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5/31/2017 3:42 pm  #15

Re: You should read this.

I loved you post so much. I am very happy for you. Have been trying to inculcate same to everybody on this forum, you did just aptly.
All the desires which have has been inspired by the Universe itself, therefore  be happy that the latter is as happy to give you. Be happy and let universe deliver you.

You deserve your desires because they are already yours.

6/02/2017 4:03 am  #16

Re: You should read this.

All of this is so true.  Great post

I have a situation. Lol.  It's not about my ex

It's about this girl, that I'm close with and I like.    Like I KNOW deep down she likes me, has feelings for me, wants me

But today, I kind of asked her if I had a chance with her.    Funny thing is, she didn't say yes or no.   She honestly gave the most cliche answer, that anyone who is even the tiniest bit of "awaken" can read/decipher

First she said "umm".   But then she said. " I haven't been able to put myself in the mindset of dating anyone"

A lot of people, would think that's a no.    But based off how she's talked to me and just my feeling since I've gotten better with loa.  I KNOW that's a bs answer

I know she has feelings for me.  She just sucks at expressing herself right now.    I honestly took that as a. "I'm not ready to say what I feel".  Cause she knows even if she told me "I don't see you like that".  That I would be there for her regardless

But the one thing I don't want to do, is rush her to tell me how she feels, cause if I do.  I'll continue getting those type of answers.    It's honestly 101 loa knowledge, when you push for answers, it's usually out of desperation, so you won't get the answers you want

I'm really good at reading people, and if she didn't like me, I wouldn't like her.  Simple as that.     Plus she's been feeling sad lately, so we aren't in the right match vibrationally.   It's funny.  Only 3-4 weeks ago.  When she was in a better vibe.  She was saying how I have an affect on her(it's one of those things that's hard to explain, but you know only certain people do).  And even alluded to liking me

I honestly wish I didn't ask her if I have a chance with her, it came at a sense of desperation.   But even with that, I read her answer as "not ready to tell"

But I guarantee.  If I stay positive. Keep believing and also visualize/etc.  I bet you, I'll have a whole different story to tell soon

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6/12/2017 4:58 pm  #17

Re: You should read this.

Thank you for this!!!!โœŒ faith restored๐Ÿ˜‰


6/12/2017 8:43 pm  #18

Re: You should read this.

thanks. this was really good and helpful.



6/14/2017 12:57 pm  #19

Re: You should read this.

Brilliantย ย ย ย  exactly what the forum needsย ย  to rise it up !!!


6/15/2017 3:02 am  #20

Re: You should read this.

I let go!!! Thank you for this, it really is such an inspiring read.


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