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4/16/2017 2:32 am  #1

Menifested while crying

Hi guys.

Yesterday night i went to easter party with family. I was pretty happy playing with kids over there.

Now a days i spend more and more time around kids .

Everything was good in the begining and while returning back to home i felt some weird emotion and started crying down stairs my building .

In that moment i just unknowingly desired to get pampered and talk to someone .
It was the middle of night where there was no scope even to ask a friend even to come and meet i kept crying i did let my self cried till it felt to. And as i came upstairs my appartment and get into bed a message from my one of the ex of three years back popped up he sending me his location that he is near my place and wants to meet.

I dint met him as i dint feel like but i couldnt understand what was this !!


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