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4/07/2017 11:10 am  #1

A wonderful Friday <3 14/04/17

It was a wonderful Friday. As I woke up early, I felt so fresh and full of energy. After showered I could felt my body full of happiness and the energy of youth. It was a great start for a Friday. I took my favorite cereal for breakfast and made an omelet for my mom. We enjoyed our meal together and chat about some of the job application I had sent before.Β 
I had a meeting with a group of my friends on the evening, at 6 pm. We met at Manmaru and had a delight Japanese dinner. We talked about our friends, career, gossip about a girl we all know. Then we head to a cafe shop where we continueΒ our conversation. But all of the night I was thinking about something happened in the afternoon. Something so special and amazing that made my day.
After lunch, I decided to watched Beauty and the Beast, I never have a chance to go to the cinema so I just enjoyed my time at home instead. And while I was enjoying the movie, my phone rang, a message came. I thought it was some kind of spam text or the phone company sent the mid-month billing. But I was wrong, the mess came from an unexpected person, and it made my heart skipped a beat when I looked at it. It was from Nam. And it said: "I miss you. I miss you so much. I have thought about you every single time since we apart. I was wrong. I have thought about that in recent days and I want to talk with you. Can we meet? I really want to see you." WOW OMG WOW.. that what came in my mind when I saw the text. My heart skipped a beat, then I re-read it again and there was like butterflies came out from it, it's like jumping inside my chest. I laughed, I jump and started to "Yay yay" as I read the text again and again. It was from Nam, exactly, my dream finally came true. Then I waited for 20' more minute and text him, as cool as I am:"I have a meeting with friends on 6 tonight so we can meet earlier, I think at 5 is ok. Where would you like to meet? A coffee?". He replied me right away:"As long as you are ok I can meet you anywhere you like, so I will pick you up at 5 ok?". Although I really really want to meet him and jump into his arms or just sit at the back of his Vespa and hug him, I decided to stay calm. Things may go wrong if I rushing to it, this time I would love to be carefull so we will be together forever. I texted him:"I think I can go by myself, it's OK. We can meet at L'uisine Le Loi at 5. I won't be late, see you there." And his replied was:"Ok I got it. See you there." I hated that it seem like he was not really Ok but I had to keep it cool, Anyway, we are going back together and we will happy together forever. There is no reason I will risk my chance by not being patience.
When I arrived at the coffee, Nam already there. For one hour, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I just stared at him, he so handsome as he always was, so charming, my love sat in front of me and I had to stop myself not jumping into him. I controlled myself really well and I kind of proud of that lol. He basically asked me to come back, for a fresh start over and another chance to grow old together. I wanted to shout "YES YES YES" immediately, I wanted to want to his side, hug him, kiss him right away. He was there asking me to come back, that's all I have wanted, dreamt and manifested. It's was a real now. But I wanted to make things certainly go right so I smiled the most feminine smile I could create and said:" I really appreciate but I want to think more about it, I am happy now, I am free, attractive and l still have a feeling for you but I not sure I am the right one for you now. I need some more time so I can think more clearly. If you really sure about your decision, can you wait ?" He had some kind of depression look in his eyes but he still agreed with me. I decided to give him the answer after I come back meeting myΒ friends. Don't worry Nam, we are meant to be and we will grow old together happily. Just wait for a few more hours and our love will be strong than ever.
I came back home, took a bath, drank a cup of water and I can feel my energy are at 100%. My power is like a superhero now, I took my phone, started to type. "Nam, I love you. I always will. And I know we have faith to be together, to live happily forever. If there is a chance to make our faith become destiny and you are willing to go together with me. If you already ready for our journey and will make it to the end with me. I would love to be all by your side, loving you, caring you, respecting you. We will love and be loved. We will grow old together. How do you think? Are you sure you are ready?"
His replied came right away, I think he kept his phone by his side waiting for my answer."Yes, of course, yes. I am ready. I love you. I love you more than anything and I will do my best to love you for the rest of my life. But you know, there is no end for our love, this time, this chance will make it last. I promised."Β 
So that was almost my wonderful Friday. The rest is some cheesy part I would like to keep it secret . But Nam is back, my love is finally here with me. I am so in love. <3

P/s: We will meet on Monday for breakfast. This time I definitely hug him tight haha.



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