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2/03/2017 4:52 pm  #1

One or more scenes

So... visualisation.
What is the best way to do it?
The same scene over and over, or something new and exiting every day?

The past week I've been doing the same scene over and over every day.
I wake up, roll over and cuddle and kiss my girlfriend. Feel the bump on her tummy. Her daughter comes in and snuggle with us. I tell my girlfriend I love her. She tells me the same and we just stay there and cuddle.
That's the short fast version.

But am I being too focused on only one outcome and lowering my chances, or doesn't it matter if you have one or more scenes to choose from?
Before, I did a lot of different scenes. I just feel so comfortable with this one and it makes me happy, so I mostly do this one.


2/03/2017 11:02 pm  #2

Re: One or more scenes

It does not matter what you visualize. The only thing that matters is the feeling. If you are successful in keeping up with the feeling with the same scene then you can carry on with it. But if you feel that repeating the scene daily is taking away the feeling from you then you need to change it to get into the feeling again.


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