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1/20/2017 6:41 pm  #1

the LOA and Dreams....

Hi -

First of all I'm grateful I've finally had the opportunity to sign up to this forum!
I think it'll really assist me and keep me on a happy mental positive healthy attitude with attracting my ex back.

My ex and I have been apart for almost a year in March. I broke up with him on an anger impulse. When I texted him our break up, I pointed out all the negative things and failed to look within.

I now understand many things about feelings and vibration that I didn't before.

Aside all of that, my ex bf now has a gf of which I am true in my heart I KNOW is a rebound.

The woman he's with right now, was his manager previously at his old job. She used to be married but she's in the process of getting divorced or so she told his family. According to his sister (which surprisingly moved in with me for 3 months, I haveΒ  NO CLUE why the Universe decided to do that but I'm grateful for it to) she said that the woman he's with was already trying to get with him even when he was still with me. I feel like this woman is his rebound and although they've been together for a while, he never had the time to heal the pain from the breakup. Our relationship was 3+ years.

His sister moved out Jan 1st and I had really prayed and hoped she did because I needed a new start in 2017 and I felt like she was clogging up my energy field. I have made drastic major changes to my eating habits, have been working out, and have been feeling ALOT better!

My main emphasis here is that I've been having dreams of him and I back together and happy and she's not in the picture... this happens every time I start working out and eating better.


Thank you all!!

Thank you so much for your response,


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