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1/11/2017 6:35 pm  #1

Surprise visit

As a part of veronica 25 day challenge, today was about visualising my girl surprising me with a visit.

I'm sitting on my couch, watching TV. Some sitcom.
Suddenly it knocks on the door, which is quite unusual at this time of night.
At first I'm a little insecure if I should open.
But I get up, walk to the door and look thru the peephole.
It's totally dark outside. So I turn on the lights in my hallway and open the door.
There she stands.
I'm quite surprised and don't really know what to say, but eventually gets a "eh... hi" out.
She says hi back.
She doesn't really smile, but seem a bit nervous.
"I just came by" she says.
"You wanna come in for a bit?" I ask her.
She would like that. I take her coat and ask if she wants something to drink.
"You look good', she says. "How are you doing?"
"I'm doing really great" I answer with honesty. "What about you?"
"I'm doing okay" she replies.
"What about your job? Still great?" I ask.
"I don't know. My boss came on to me at the Christmas party, and when I turned him down he got upset. And been acting angry towards me ever since", she answers.
"Oh, I have even said properly hello" I say and give her a hug.
"You look great".
She smiles and says thanks.
"You wanna sit for a while, or are you on your way?"
She would like to sit a while, so we go to my couch.
"Why are you up here?" I ask her.
"I've borrowed my moms car. Told her I was going to a girlfriend, but really just wanted to be with you".
"Where's Natalie then?" I ask.
"With my mom. Told her I would get her tommorow. She doesn't know I'm here. Just wanted to see you. I left my boyfriend. He was an idiot and I miss you", she says.
"I'm sorry to hear that" I says. "But I'm happy to see you"
We sit and talk and have fun all night, and drinking wine.
Suddenly I see its 02:30.
"It's a bit late. Are you driving home or do you want to borrow my couch? You had a couple of glasses".
"I would like to borrow your couch. I'll just leave early tomorrow then".
I get some sheets for her and tell her I still have some toothbrushes from when we were together. She can just use of of those.
We say goodnight and I tell her I've had a really good time, and that I'm happy she came by.
We turn off the lights.
Later in the night, I feel my bed moving and an arm around me.
I turn around.
She crawled into my bed.
I put my arm around her, kiss her on her forehead and tell her I've missed her.
"Me too" she says and kisses me.
We fall a sleep in each others arms.


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