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12/21/2016 8:26 am  #1

Scripting of what I want:) (Updated)

Here's a scenario I really really enjoy playing in my mind.
Okay. Writing as if. Here we go.

Today I woke up, put my jams on, listening to awesome music. It really brought me up! I had a brief, almost accidental visualization while singing along, that she'd message me telling me that she's so sorry for ignoring me and that she loves me and wants to get back together with me. That she can't imagine a life without me. That I'm the only guy for her.Β 

Well, no more than a half hour ago, I had the urge to check my Facebook, and I see a message from her, literally stating absolutely EVERYTHING I wanted to hear!! I love her so much and I am SO thankful!! She actually reached out out to ME. Not the other way around! She's initiating!!!
I am SO thankful that she's back with me!! All the struggling and mind-work really did pay off! She loves me!!!

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