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11/28/2016 5:41 pm  #1

Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I used to post a lot earlier this year when I was learning about LOA as much as possible. I have spent the last two years using my spare time to look up about LOA and also other things like telepathy, metaphysics, parapsychology, paranormal, hypnosis, magick, reiki and I have also dabbled in shamanism and following different spiritual teachers for a little while too. Here's what I have really discovered through all my pondering so far. Firstly, things that stand out to be talked about in all those plains and that seem to definitely have basis in truth would be the idea of telepathy, energetically or mentally sending and receiving thoughts or signals from people, precognition-notably dream precognition, the ability to change a belief in oneself-hypnosis and using LOA suggestion can help to cure phobias, stop certain addictions, even erase feelings of love for a person. The power of the intuition is real- the intuition can sense the emotions of another person easily, it can sense danger. 

But, my friends, here is where the story about attracting a person truly begins and ends. A person will not do something they do not want to do even under hypnosis, as in, if it goes against their truest wishes, they will not. So a person will never do what you want them to do no matter how much you want them too if they Do Not want to. Magick is an interesting subject, very few people in western culture believe in it, but a lot of people in parts of Africa and Asia and the Caribbean do and people do believe when they feel insatiable lust or obsession for someone that they might have been put under a voodoo spell, so very common spells that witchdoctors do in those places are binding spells-to put distance between two people. So the point of that is- people do not like when they feel they are doing something they do not want to do either. So basically, if you want an ex back, spend maybe 2 weeks at most using LOA type exercises, but then just stop and have faith that if that person is ever open to the idea of you again, they will reach out. But do not have faith that they WILL be open to you again.

The problem with this forum and other 'Ex-back coaching' and things online is that they all have with them hope, which, to people who are quite desperate or upset, is like finding water in a desert. But hanging on, ironically, is what LOA preaches not to do, but hanging on is what people do when they come across this idea of using mind techniques and positive thinking to get your ex back. Also the idea about loving yourself is interesting in this sense-everyone who comes on here has the ability to move on from this person in time after grieving and healing, but what people here are trying to do is to both hold on and hold out for hope of reconciliation and actively using methods and things to accomplish that-and trying to 'let go' to achieve that outcome. Meanwhile, I'm sorry to have to say this, but about 85% of the exs of the people on this forum, really just do not care about them anymore. At least care in the sense that you would want them to care. The worst is the exs who may still be in contact with their partner who is on here, and maybe are toying around with them, giving them false hope and the person on here gets so excited and thinks it's all working out just as LOA said so. 

Also, on another note- there is a lot of shadiness associated with law of attraction, like with Esther Hicks. If you ever really look into her history and her husband Jerry's, you'll find there was a lot of holes when it came to their message versus their real life as well as the fact that Jerry had read about LOA before Esther Hicks started 'channeling' Abraham and there are discrepancies in their teachings. I'm not saying they're all wrong- but they are essentially capitalizing on the industry of giving hope to, mostly quite desperate, people. And if you ever find yourself in a plane crash, a car crash, maybe get shot by an armed robber- it is unscientific and non nonsensical to just assume that you attracted that. Because children in the poorest slums in India dream of having hygiene and clean water every day, they dream of toys and being rich too, but the majority of them live and die where they are. And people who are caught in ISIS run towns and who are being killed and sold to sex slavery-they didn't 'attract' that themselves. So with large scale and more serious matters than love relationships, law of attraction should not be taken into account, because there's no basis for it at all and life is not just as simple as thinking positively and getting what you want or thinking negatively and getting what you don't  want.

Positive thinking is great, it will get you lots of things sure! But you can be the most positive person in the world and one day slip off a mountain and die. And think of all those once positive children who develop cancers and other diseases. Life is that way, it's foolish to think you can control it. And yes, it's foolish to think you can control another person. In my life, when people have come back to me, it's because they themselves Want to, and I did basically nothing, didn't even wish for them, had moved on, accepted the death of the relationship and gone on with life. This is the most healthy option and I hope if anyone here is in a place where they are holding out for hope with all evidence pointing that the other person does not want to come back, has moved on with someone else, or just was not happy with them anymore, that it's better for you to take their resistance to you as evidence that ultimately your energy and theirs do not mesh anymore. That your time for now is over. To re-energize yourself for the next stage in your life and not to get stuck on this one person and hold yourself back for them. Take time to grieve the loss, but then learn to move on. Maybe get some therapy or hypnosis to help you. Don't rely on the idea of any great power or fate or source to bring him or her back to you because you want it, you can't always have what you want in life, but most often-what you want is not what you need. 

'What We Think, We Become' -Buddha

11/28/2016 6:04 pm  #2

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Although I do agree with what you said, I still believe in LOA. There's so much more to the world and I feel as though LOA is one of theme Not everything in this world is perfect either so there could be skeptics here and there. Agreed with the moving on part but some people have a hard time doing so and LOA can be a journey to find themselves more. Especially with the slums in India example though they see it and accept being poor as their reality. I have been to India before and when I talk to the children almost every child said they wish to have toys and be rich one day, some grow older to become middle class people and some remain poor but they all said that this was their life of being poor. It's the reality that they had accepted. Now this was years ago when I went but now that I look back I guess it makes sense and relates. This is my personal opinion but I do agree with you in some way!

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11/28/2016 6:19 pm  #3

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

*Just an additional note*

It is entirely possible, however, in fact it is the nearly for sure that the next person you fall in love with (whenever or whoever that might might be and after you have fully healed from the first person) will be much more what you want and need than the one before. Because we are programmed to search for traits and characteristics in people that we like, which means if your dream person or soulmate is in a room with you and 100 other people, he or she and you will gravitate towards one another and you will spot them. We are just built that way, which is why many people moan about the fact that they seem to keep attracting the same sort of person over and over again. 

And in relation to your specific person-after a certain amount of time has passed since your break up and you keep doing LOA exercises to attract them, you will actually just repel them further and further away. The reason for this is two fold- A. Because they might have moved on completely and find it unnerving that you still want them back (which they will know intuitively because energetic telepathy IS real if two people are still connected or have a bond) and B. Because the 'them' you have in your mind when you are visualizing and RS-ing is really not them anymore. The break up and the energy from that split has transformed both you and them, but you don't want to admit or feel the transformation yet but they have. The break up has changed their outlook subtly, their goals, their ideas of love, ideas of a good relationship, ideas for the future...your relationship and its break up has inevitably affected them so that they are actually NO longer the person they were when you first met them or when you dated them. 

So therein lies the problem- you are trying to attract someone you no longer intimately know yet you are presuming that you do. People who have experienced reconciliations, like me, can testify to say that the person you thought they were when you wanted them back is not the person they are when they come back. They are not even the same person they were when you dated them the first time. For good and for bad. 


'What We Think, We Become' -Buddha
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11/28/2016 6:46 pm  #4

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Everyone creates their realities individually and can be, do, or have whatever they want. What is true for you is not necessarily true for other people.

All of the people that you interact with in YOUR individual reality are created through your own perception. You are allowed to do whatever you desire in your reality -- including creating a relationship with a specific person. The reason this did not work for you is because of the beliefs you hold, which are spelled out in your post. You're free to believe whatever you want, but this is not my harsh "reality" and it may not be that for others either.

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11/28/2016 7:05 pm  #5

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

I really don't want to comment much on what you have written. We had our facebook talk and I'm sure we will talk about it more later. As sunny said, it's your view of things and your perspective is valid like every other perspective and I understand why you see it that way. It's not my truth though. My guidance was like "waaah waaah waaah", when I read it. I recommend everyone here to listen to their guidance. Take what feels good, because it's your truth and drop what doesn't feel good, because it is not your truth. 

"Self-abandonment. That is the secret. We have to abandon ourselves to the state, in our love for the state, and in so doing live the life of the state and no more our present state. And to make the state alive, one must become it."

Neville Goddard ~ The Law and the Promise

11/28/2016 7:44 pm  #6

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Thank God this is only an opinion and rhetoric spills over again. Again peeps you can create your own reality and not let negativity affect you. In life there are skeptics but there are also creators and chance-takers. I would rather spend my energy on feeling good, maintaining a happy attitude than even worrying about this kind of stuff. It puts you back at square one when you don't need to be. I always say you have more to lose when you believe the negative stuff, than you do maintaining positive vibes daily. Anyway take your pick. Yes, we all have had heart break and yes, we will all die one day but that doesn't mean in the meantime, I can't be happy about life. Most people choose misery and when they get a fire under their butt, the negative comes out. DO not let this stop you on your journey. 

I would never tell anyone to hold on and wait for a man. Again as I posted yesterday. The goal is to continously "do you" and maintain a good vibe. Change for the better and don't be stagnant. Don't wait for any man but in the meantime, you can have hope for reconciling one day. Who ever believed you could control some with hypnosis is beyond me. I would never want my ex to come back out of playing mind-games. I want it to be organic and natural. I think when you have a great attitude about yourself and your life, you attract positive things. But don't make it your be all of your existence in getting your ex back. Most people on this forum have expectation. When you leave that out of the equation, life is much eaiser. Let's keep it rollin!

I don't need paragraphs to read to explain this concept with a bunch of words hyped up. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE as we say here in Cali!

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11/28/2016 8:00 pm  #7

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

ShootingStar wrote:

A person will not do something they do not want to do even under hypnosis, as in, if it goes against their truest wishes, they will not.

Funny you should say that. I was rewatching an episode of Gotham earlier (it's really good!) and Jim Gordon and Harvey had to track down The Spirit of The Goat, a serial killer who kidnaps and kills rich kids. But Harvey killed the original serial killer 10 years ago, how did the new guy know how to copycat him? The real villain of the story is a psychologist who hypnotizes petty criminals to do the murders, she thinks it's a way to get back at the wealthy in Gotham. She said "You can't really hypnotize somebody to do something that deep down they don't already want to do." Gotta go, Gotham's coming on now



11/28/2016 10:53 pm  #8

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Whatever u believe will be your reality. Period. SS, have you actually tried to hypnotise someone? That's not unconditionally loving lol. 💞
If you look across all of your posts SS, they are filled with skepticism. Which is perfectly fine, and actually advantageous for others to learn from. Some people will be able to transcend their limited thinking in this lifetime, and others never will. And their experiences will reflect their beliefs perfectly. It's wonderful to watch! I love this thread, it serves an awesome purpose, thank you xx

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand 💞 

11/28/2016 11:09 pm  #9

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Cherished wrote:

Whatever u believe will be your reality. Period.

If that's true, then why have I seemingly attracted things that I never thought would happen for me? I didn't believe it would happen, but it still happened...


11/28/2016 11:13 pm  #10

Re: Skepticism on the use of law of attraction (harsh reality)

Because your vibe reflects it. It might not be exactly what you imagined, but it's always a match vibrationally. Give us an example?

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand 💞 

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