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11/16/2016 10:00 pm  #1

The proposition

My love and I are walking through the woods, hand in hand. The very same woods I ventured into as a child with a sense of untamed wonderment and excitement. It's a warm day as the sun beats down and envelopes us both in its warm embrace. The light breeze caressing our faces. The sounds of the forest bring a quiet tranquility within both of us as we contently listen in silence. I turn my head to smile at her she notices my energy radiating towards her and gives me a huge smile back. I feel at one with this woman. For the first time in my life I feel a love so strong that my very being sings.

I tell her not much farther as we trot down the path by the pond. The water beautifully reflecting the clouds and the brilliant blue sky. You'll love this I say in a cheerful voice. I press y hand against my pocket to feel the ring still there. I look over to notice a permanent smile on her face. I almost feel as if she knows what's coming. I love her intuition. Who am I kidding? I love everything about her!

I find the familiar landmarks that lead to my secret spot in the woods. In an instant I remember all the good times I had just being with myself in this magical area. There is a steep hill which I carefully guide my love down. I make sure to part every shaft of tall grass and hold every branch for her as we traverse the brush.

We reach the creek the connected me with nature many times and where the real world just disappear. She is in awe of the beauty in such a place as the sounds of the birds chirping and running water fill our eardrums. She walks towards the edge of the water to gaze at her reflection. I walk up behind her and lovingly embrace her. She meets my embrace by holding my arms tight. I rest my head on the top of hers. The smell of her shampoo wafting into my nose fills my heart with butterflies.

I've never brought any other women here. I've saved this moment for someone truly special. I tell her. She softly replies with an I love you so sincere that I feel it echo through my soul. I reach in y pocket for the ring and clutch it within my hand. I need to know something love. I hold the ring between my thumb and pointer finger. Will you complete me on this journey of life and become the one who shares my soul? She breaks down in tears. Yes she says. I can't imagine loving any other man the way I love you.

In lak ech. Ancient Mayan for "you are my other me"

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