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11/12/2016 11:31 pm  #1

Snowy night

My love decide to go out for a walk on a snowy December night. We bundle up and head out the door. We're greeted by our neighbor and chat with him for ankinute before venturing forth to the park next to our apartment. I gaze contently at my love. At first she doesn't notice me looking as I smile at her. She turns her head to catch my gaze and gives me a smile back. I reach out with my hand to embrace hers and she accepts. My heart trembles a little. I tell her I love her and I'm never letting her hand go. She chuckles and says I love you too.
The snow is coming down hard. Not like a storm but more like a lively orchestra. The way the flakes catch the light of the street lamps is absolutely stunning. I let go of her hand and pull her close to me by her hip. She lovingly rests her head into my shoulder as we continue to walk.
We get to the park which is a large pond covered in ice. With a couple benches around. We find one to sit on as the snow keeps coming down around us. I put my arm around her and she leans into e, resting her head on my shoulders.
"This night is beautiful, I can't imagine spending it with anyone else" I gently say to her.
"I'm so glad I fell in love with you, you're the best guy I've ever dated. You always know just what to say to me." She replies in a soft sweet voice.
I lift her onto my lap and she embraces me in the most loving way. We start to kiss and make out. I love this woman with all my heart I say to myself. No one will ever live her like I do.

In lak ech. Ancient Mayan for "you are my other me"

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