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3/02/2018 10:12 am  #161

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

This was amazing! Thankyou for making me happy <3


3/10/2018 8:02 am  #162

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

Your post was very inspirational! But what if your ex/specific person made it clear in the beginning it was over? Or there is absolutely no signs they are interested? It’s been 6-7 months and my SP is still cold as ce . Nothing is changing. How do you keep your beliefs?


3/11/2018 12:31 am  #163

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

Hi AceWay123,
I read your post sometime in 2016 & saved it as a screenshot.
Almost two years down I remembered it and found it in my phone yesterday.
I have manifested my Beloved and now I am manifesting our marriage.
I am changing all the issues between us one day at a time. 
Love creates MIRACLES and no situation is hopeless!
I will post my success story soon.
Thanks for your Amazing post. 
Bless YOU!


3/12/2018 12:36 pm  #164

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

I know this post is an older one but it was so very needed to hear right now! I didn't think of those other ways,  yesterday was a rough day,  I am in day 4 of the 25 day challenge and it's been a while so thank you so much for the positivity and the encouragement.


4/03/2018 8:32 pm  #165

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

THIS is really what I needed. Thank you! ☺️


4/06/2018 12:43 am  #166

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

Little Red Robin wrote:

Yes, this is lovely and I think one of the reasons why other people can sometimes be interested in you or you may receive gifts in other ways.  But yeah, we have no idea what goes on in others heads, so they could be working out their own thoughts or whatever.  That's why its good to focus on all the gifts you have in your life.  Also, I think the little synchronicities are signs that we are having an effect.

I remember in one of Nevilles books he said something along the lines of how we are 'gifting' others when we think well of them or loving them.  And they can 'receive' this.  But, also, that the love will be returned to us anyway.  So, it's always a win/win with what we are doing because we are transmitting positive energy/love with good intentions for a harmonious relationship with them.  But the love can come back to us in many ways and sometimes when we least expect it!  So, its good to be open to lifes surprises and gifts and to not ever lose faith.

So their love for us comes back to us the way we ultimately want or from somewhere else?


4/08/2018 11:42 am  #167

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

this post is more than perfect. I appreciate it so much and i do want to remember that all of these things do happen even without our knowledge
 btw if anyone needs a hangin in there and encouraging mate during the no contact period or well even afterwards, just PM!! I like new friendss


6/04/2018 6:23 am  #168

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

thank you so much  that's really made me  feel better  I was feeling low this morning thinking about all the tex's n stuff I use get every and all night and now nothing at all


6/18/2018 9:56 pm  #169

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

That's what I need! Thank you Ace! As I have been separated with my ex for 6 months, and we didn't have any contact in this 6 months. I'm discouraged by time and no "proof". I worry he won't come back and worry the LoA won't work to me. I always think about when and how he come back. Your post help me relief a lot. Is it still possible to attract him back even I started LoA for 6 months ago?


6/19/2018 12:49 pm  #170

Re: Specific Person - Dealing With Worries

thank you! i really needed to read this today

Please Send some Love and Positive Energy my way
I am Grateful

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