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10/26/2016 5:25 am  #1

Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

"I’d firstly like to say thank you to Rhonda and team for putting The Secret out there. My life has drastically changed for the better since I found out about the law of attraction. So this story was too amazing for me not to share. There are so many different things like failed relationships, changing jobs and friends that brought me to where I am today but I believe everything worked out just perfectly as I couldn’t be happier with where I am now.

Flash back to a few months ago, after watching The Secret, I had this image of my ideal man in my head. Everything from what he looked like, his body type, his personality, even his damn starsign! So there I am scrolling through instagram and I see him. This picture of this man, my heart skipped a weird little beat, I hit the follow button. Turns out we both had a massive part of our lives in common. I thought he was the exact sort of man I wanted in life but I knew he lived pretty far away, we’d never spoken, never met etc. Still, I imagined him being in my life nonetheless. And I just knew, I didn’t feel desperate for him, I just let it go and knew in the back of my mind that he would be a part of my life. I told my friend about this man.

At the time I was midway through a course that was given pretty far away from me. I decided to check my emails regarding the course and read the most recent one. I went to click back and happened to glance at the names in the recipient line on the message. There was his name. I was gobsmacked. I told my friend and she was amazed too. He was now in my course, starting it late. I met him the next day. We got on like a house on fire. Out of all of the places, courses, different days, he was there starting the same course as me in the same place. Remember we live far away from each other, there are plenty of other similar courses that are closer to both of us.

Afterwards I was ecstatic, for the next few days I kept thinking about him. Knowing that there was a reason this man was now in my life, knowing that I’d get a message from him soon. And then it happened. I got a message. We’ve been talking ever since and have so much in common. Our lives are pretty much the same! There are so many other little parts to this story, stuff that I find almost unbelievable. But it’s happening, I’m channeling the man of my dreams!

So far that’s all there is to the story, but I know this will continue to be a special one. I couldn’t be more grateful for everything that has happened so far. I’m beyond happy. A massive thank you to the wonderful universe."


"I had purchased the CD version of The Secret when it first came out. I had decided to listen to it during the 30 minute drive to and from work to pass the time. I worked as a bartender on a gambling cruise ship that would go out twice a day.

On one of the mornings that I was listening, The Secret said,  to just try it with something small, like a cup of coffee. I thought to myself, coffee, that would be really tough to produce in my case working on a boat. But, it would be a perfect test because if The Secret really does work, it would have to be a real, fresh brewed cup of coffee, not the syrup junk they give away on the cruise ship! As a matter of fact, it would have to be a cup of coffee from my favorite convenient store, if I get that then that is when I will believe!!

So, I concentrated the rest of the drive to work and when I pulled into the parking spot, I closed my eyes and did my best to envision the emblem of my favorite cup of coffee in my hands, and I was grateful to receive it.

Once, I got out of my car and headed through my normal security check and on to my daily routine of setting up my bar in the VIP lounge of the cruise ship, I had forgotten about my coffee test. As the boat was pulling away from the docks, the coffee test crossed my mind and I thought , well, that stuff doesn’t work!”

A few minutes later, my cocktail waitress walks in with 3 large coffees from my favorite convenient store!!! Her boyfriend said he accidentally pored an extra cup and wanted to know if I wanted it!!

I was a strong believer after that and now, I am a walking billboard for The Secret. I have many, many miracle stories to tell."

Note; these are NOT my stories. Just thought I'd share them though and give you all a good morning boost
Positive vibes all around!


10/30/2016 12:50 pm  #2

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

nice stories 


11/01/2016 5:27 am  #3

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!



11/01/2016 8:36 am  #4

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

Awesome :-)

She believed she could, so she did.

11/01/2016 10:47 am  #5

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

Thanks! Great and inspiring stories!


11/01/2016 6:45 pm  #6

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

It Is Not What Happens To You, It Is How You Respond To It. 

11/02/2016 4:57 pm  #7

Re: Some pretty amazing Secret stories!

Staceylouuu91x wrote: This is one I loved reading! 

Nice story!!! 


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