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3/11/2017 10:55 am  #11

Re: Something I've learnt

Charmed101 wrote:

I'm bumping this as I had an amazing dream last night of my guy. I love what Jen says at the start of this thread, I'm inclined to think that it's true. What do you guys think?

Β I believe it because I've had dreams that later happened just as I dreamed.

The Universe is your playground.

3/11/2017 12:06 pm  #12

Re: Something I've learnt

Wow! Very encouraging thanks!


4/11/2017 7:25 am  #13

Re: Something I've learnt

Jen, I love love love this thread but I'm just wondering where did you find the info from the original thread starter? I do too believe if you dream about your person they are missing you too.


9/12/2017 7:49 am  #14

Re: Something I've learnt

Very cool post. I saw my person a couple of days ago after months of NC and this morning I had the most vivid, realistic dream of us together, I almost can't help but thinking that seeing me made him think of me and that dream happened? he seems really happy from the outside and everything going great for him now so I'm happy for him but I'm now going to manifest seeing him again even though he's moving out of state soon and with another person. I still believe that this is not the last I see or hear of him... That dream felt so real, I could touch, taste, hear everything.


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