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9/25/2016 2:43 pm  #1

Visualising in reverse

Has anyone on here tried reverse visualisation? Basically, when you visualise your desire (getting back with an ex or being with specific person) you could put yourself in their position and visualise getting back with you. So in your mind, you pretending to be them and you're thinking about you. It's like reverse RS. I hope this makes sense. I hope I've worded it well.

We recieve exactly what we expect to recieve. - John Holland.Β Β 

10/26/2016 9:21 pm  #2

Re: Visualising in reverse

I just visualised him going to the shop for me while I was asleep, this is the type of thing he'd do anyway so it felt really good. Β 

It Is Not What Happens To You, It Is How You Respond To It.Β 

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