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9/17/2016 1:43 am  #1

Birthday celebrations

I am getting ready to go out with my Boo to celebrate my birthday. I put on the lacey white dress I got from Nepal. I have been waiting to wear this for ages. Bought it with him in mind. I don't know where he is taking me. I frankly don't care so long as I am with him. I finished applying a very soft coral lipstick just as the phone beeps. He is here. I wear a pair of heels and go down. He is waiting for me at our spot. He has got a huge bag in one hand and a small one in the other. I can see a rose sticking out from the big bag. Damn I am feeling giddy and giggly. I cant stop smiling :-D
We hug when I reach him. He gives me a quick kiss.Β 
"Where to?", I ask him
"Beach", he replies and presses a kiss to my temple.Β 
"Want help carrying those?", I ask
"Nope. I am good". That's my Boo
We go to the beach. He spreads out a mat and places bite sized finger food in containers; I saw brownies (of course he wouldn't miss it, it is my favorite), strawberry pavlova (I wonder how he managed to find those! We don't get pavlova easily here!!), macaroons, finger sandwiches, cutlets and french rolls. He takes out two of those flameless candles.Β 
I have this huge smile on my face. I can't help it.
We sit back. Me with my back against his chest and him curled around me. We liked doing that. He gives me the rose and small bag.Β 
"Open it"
It is a necklace, With a heart shaped pendant. I removed the necklace I was wearing and asked him to help me fasten the one he gave. I thanked him with a kiss.Β 
"Before we dig in, I need to ask you something"
"Ask" I wonder where this was going
"Lets be exclusive. Just you and me?"
I was hoping he would say that. A thousand times Yes, I thought.Β 
Out loud I said, "Yes, Lets!"Β 

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