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2/10/2018 11:04 pm  #301

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Hello. It is my first time here since I have discovered this site and I want to take part of this challenge so here goes:

My wonderful handsome boyfriend and I are celebrating tonight. It is so amazing on how he unexpectedly entered my life and we had an instant connection at first glance. The mental and physical attraction are stronger than ever since we met. I am excited to celebrate with the love of my life. My soulmate. Our plans for tonight is simple and sweet. We go out for dinner at a romantic Italian restaurant as he knows that is my favorite and we enjoy the meals and the drinks. After dinner, we are walking in the streets, holding hands, reflecting on how everything is going good in our lives. We decide to stop at Rockefeller Center. As I was looking at the lights, his arms wrap tightly around me and I lean against his broad chest. His 6’2 tall body towers over me as I feel his warm lips brushing against my cheeks. He whispers sweet loving words in my ear and at this very moment, I feel complete, content, safe, and loved. Here I am feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have this man, my best friend and lover, in my life. The man who makes me laugh and is great at communicating his thoughts, feelings and gives me his undivided attention. This man who lovingly adores me. The man who makes me feel so special and comfortable to be myself around him. It was then that I knew how much I love him.Β  We walk over to the skating rinks to look down at the skaters and he turns me around and tells me β€œI am in love with you.” I rub my hands against his cheeks and give him a loving smile as he leans down towards me and put his lips on mine and we kiss passionately under the flags. Β Our bodies warm up against each other as we both feel the electricity and the sexual desire as our lips connects.Β  As we come up for air, he gives me the sweetest smile that melts my heart and we decide to go home and proceed to make passionate love all night long. The spiritual and sexual connection are so strong in our lovemaking; we never can get enough of each other. He is the best, amazing lover I ever had in my life. Β His caresses make my body feel alive and he makes me feel like I am the only woman in his world.Β  We are happy that we have found each other and I thank the universe for this beautiful relationship that is blossoming to everlasting love.

** I just noticed that this was written mostly in present tense. I hope that is still okay. I ask for positive vibes in order to manifest this. Has any of your scripting worked for anyone?


2/12/2018 1:43 pm  #302

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Hey guys!

So my guy texted me to come by today. He came by after work and he just looked at me and said I'm sorry I hurt you. He said that he loves me very much and when he tries to push me away it's because he loves me so much and then realies he wants me. He then said he has been searching for something he already has with me. He said he has an indescribable feeling around me that makes him so happy. It was so amazing to hear all these wonderful things. The look in his eyes was amazing. There is so much love filled in them. He then kissed me . I m so happy . I love him so much and it's just amazing to be in his arms again. All I did was focus on me and being happy and he came rushing back. Don't give up guys things happen like this. Focus on you and they come running. I know our relationship is so much better now. He has so much desire in his eyes for me. Don't give up!


2/13/2018 12:21 am  #303

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

My guy Howard Y texted me and asked me to have dinner with him. We met up and had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant overlooking the heart of town. I love it when he asked me about my day and also talked about his, sharing the ups and downs of his job. We talked about family, religion, our interests and made plans to go watch a movie soon. We then walked around town hand in hand, window shopping, talking and just enjoying each other's company. We then took a leisurely drive and he also held my hand now and then in the car as he was driving. I felt so loved, affectionate, fulfilled and desired. He looked and always looks at me with affection and appreciation in his eyes. We shared a loving, passionate kiss before I alighted from his car and he texted me good night and sweet dreams before he turned in for the night too. I am so thankful, grateful and lucky to have Howard as a boyfriend.


2/20/2018 1:12 am  #304

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

This is amazing, I would like to join in :D

Today, I was ready to get out of bed and start my day. I brushed my teeth, used the ladies room, I did my morning routine after doing my morning routine, I turned on my phone on. I gave my phone a few minutes to turn on. I checked my phone to see if there were any messages and there were none yet. Throughout today, into the evening, I checked my phone again and there was a message waiting for me I checked to see who it was from and it was from my love, bestfriend, and co-worker Alex G. I was so happy, I had big smiles on my face. In the message, he opened up to me. He told me that I have being so good to him and he thanked me and he thanked me again for helping him get out of the bad relationship that he was in and that he was ready for a better relationship and he said to me "K, will you be my girlfriend"? Omg, I was so freaking excited when he asked me. I totally said yes I will. He was so happy, I was so happy, I ran and told my mom and she was happy . I am so happy and so grateful that I was able to help him and be his girlfriend. This made my day tremendously! :D :D <3<3

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2/23/2018 7:12 am  #305

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today was amazing. He and I went out to eat with my family. It was so nice. My dad and mom was talking to him about his new job and my mom was being so nice! My brother in law and cousin discussed games with him Lee usually. It's so adorable listening to him talk with them . He kept hold my hand and rubbing my back it was so sweet! It was like he's always been there he fit in so well. At the table He told me how much he missed all them and rubbed my back again. I'm so happy. Everyone spoke with him and he wouldn't stop smiling . Ok the way home he told me how he was so happy to see them and he always loves my family. I could really feel the love when he said that and also could feel the love he has for me by looking in his eyes. We then got home and watched some Netflix's. I love being cuddled by him. I just really feel so much love with him. He looks at me with so much love it's like when we started dating. He calls me baby all the time . I'm so happy and today was so amazing . The best part is being cuddled by him right now. I just know that we both love each other so much and are so committed to each other.


2/24/2018 2:13 pm  #306

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

On this gorgeous winter Saturday morning..I got up on time and rolled out of bed with a positive attitude. I started to do my daily routine on the weekend. I took a long hot bubble bath with my favorite drink. I then decided to do some housework. I stayed busy with little chores here and there and played with my dogs until I got a call from my husband in the afternoon. He called to let me know we were getting together with a friend we haven't seen since the new year's..I continued to get myself ready and made dinner so we could go out and have fun. It was the best night ever we watched some movies then went out dancing. We were home before midnight.


2/24/2018 2:15 pm  #307

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

On this gorgeous winter Saturday morning..I got up on time and rolled out of bed with a positive attitude. I started to do my daily routine on the weekend. I took a long hot bubble bath with my favorite drink. I then decided to do some housework. I stayed busy with little chores here and there and played with my dogs until I got a call from my husband in the afternoon. He called to let me know we were getting together with a friend we haven't seen since the new year's..I continued to get myself ready and made dinner so we could go out and have fun. It was the best night ever we watched some movies then went out dancing. We were home before midnight.


3/24/2018 10:54 pm  #308

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

I woke up to the sun on my face. I had spent the night with my awesome emt/firefighther boyfriend. I could feel him get closer to me and put his arms around me. I could feel his heart beat. I felt soo safe and loved. We did not have to work today. I told him we shoukd ake a drive and go look for antiques. He was like sweet. After getting dress we headed out. We drove for about a hour and found an awesome antique store. I was like you are buying dinner if i can find a better find than you. He was like you are on.  I ended up finding a 1930s beer tin for $10. We looked it up online. It was worth $100. He was like you win. We needed up at a local resturant. Than my sister texted me asked what i was up too. I was like antiquing with Matt. She said sweet tell him i said hi. What an awesome day with my boyfriend matt. Than all of a sudden he whispers, I love you...


3/27/2018 5:53 pm  #309

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

what keeps me in the vortex is to think of a couple things and with him too

I have bought my plane ticket to move to Australia for 6 months to a year. i will study some courses and work part time in order to save for a life-spiritual-consciousness coach. After the year in Europe I keep desiring to see more and more places in the world. I am excited to be in this adventure but what makes it even more exciting, and is the icing on the cake is that he called and he said, he really is sorry for all that has happened. that he is glad that we have had this time separated, but he knew all along he wanted to be with me. He just wanted me to be independent and stand fully on my own, otherwise he thought he was doing me disservice. however, he is really sorry because he knows he was tough, and he did not meant to, no one is good to punish and decided for others. since he knew by now i have no intention to stay in the US for long, he asked me ifΒ  he could join me in AUS., He says he is ready to for this. He does not want to let me go and that like me, he agrees we want a new, and even better relationship than the one we had before. that we are gonna reciprocate and care for each others need eeven more carefully now that we have had the chance to grow personally on our own. and that like he told me that time before we said goodbye and i move to Europe, he loves me more, even more and he is in love more than when we started dating. my heart, couldn't feel more gratitude for all these blessing in my life. I am so excited to become a coach, so happy to go to Australia, and pursue my dreams. so thankful for this wealth in all areas in my life,. i am so thankful he is happy to desire me and be part of my journey in every step of the way now more than before. it makes me so excited because it is a step closer to what we have talked about before, our marriage and babies, possibly a redheaded princess, like me, lolΒ 

this is just one of the many scenarios I have lived in my head.Β 
I had been unblocked and unfairly blocked again after 15 days lol
but, i have not lost faith one day. I know the universe has given me this and it is just a matter of time until he says sorry and we are together.Β 
his soul is so kind, he just needs to grow up and mature, which i am visualising already. hes gonna be the best version of himself with that heart and soul once he sheds more ego layers,.Β 

thank you everyone for reading and putting energy into this. I have not read all of them, but some of your days seem so perfect. I am glad we have such great days with our person.Β 


3/27/2018 7:47 pm  #310

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Wow! I am in absolute awe. Mom just called me which she never does since I am overseas but she said she just had to because my love asked to visit them and asked if any of my family could be there, would they mind coming over. I didn't even know he was in the country. Neither did they.

He went over and in front of my entire family, apologized and asked for their forgiveness. My Dad, who had completely written him off, said to my mom that "he could see that my love had made a mistake and was truly sorry. It takes a lot of courage to face the entire family and me after what he did but I can genuinely see he still loves our daughter and just lost his way". My Dad does not forgive, I am so beyond happy he said that.

My Mom said he apologized for how he had acted, how he moved on so quickly and acted with his new girlfriend. He said he was so disrespectful and just someone he never wants to be again. He told them that he never stopped loving me but was so lost within himself that he just allowed himself to spiral and was trying to find happiness in others instead of realizing he was the only one who could make himself happy.
He even started crying when he was telling them how much he misses me and how much he loves me. He said he cannot imagine anyone else being the Mother of his kids or being his wife and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, giving me the relationship I deserve. OH MY GOSH IS THIS EVEN REAL? I am in such awe but so so happy.

He told them he had to confront what he did with my family and friends first, before he approaches me because regardless of if I give him a second chance or not, he had to do the right thing and it is not just me who deserves the apology.Β 

WOW. Honestly. I cannot believe this happened. He would never, ever, confront situations in the past. Especially if they were his fault. He actually manned up and faced my family. I asked the universe for this and it delivered. Thank you, universe! He is being the man I always knew he could be and he still loves me and has told the people most important to me. I am so so happy and so relieved.

He said that he had plans to travel with his new GF, so he quit his job and sold up everything and went but after two weeks, he knew he had made the biggest mistake of his life and for once he decided to stop running and face reality and do whatever it takes to make it better. He said he is coming back to the country him and I live in but first had to stop in our home country to apologize face to face to everyone that is important to me and him.

My Mom asked him when he is going to apologize to me and he said he first has to sort his life out and become the man who deserves a second chance, and that he has a lot of work to do. He put himself in debt and needs to make sure he can provide a future for him and me. My Dad told him that his daughter can provide for herself and has proved this since the breakup. My love agreed and said that it doesn't matter because he wanted a relationship with me where I felt safe and looked after and that my Dad could trust that his daughter was with the best person - someone he had not been.

My whole family has forgiven him, INCLUDING MY PARENTS. My Dad came on the phone and said "I don't know when he will apologize to you and/or what he will say and it is completely up to you if you decide you want him back or not but whatever you decide, we support you. I am a man and your father and he hurt you but I can see he is hurting too and I can see he is sorry. I am stubborn and I don't want to forgive him but life is too short to not give second chances when someone truly apologizes. So just know, we will not think you are being silly if you decide to give him a second chance and we will welcome him back into the family if he continues to prove himself''.

I am in such awe but am so happy. Today is such a great day. That phone call has strengthen my faith and love in the universe and that ALL possibilities are possible. WOW.

My heart feels so full. He is on his way back to me.



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