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12/22/2017 8:59 pm  #291

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Yesterday was the most amazing day.  J took me over to the Island to meet his parents.  I was nervous but he assured me that they would love me as much as he does.  He was so attentive and caring.  When we got to his parents house he spent some time with me alone before we went in to tell me how amazing he thinks I am, and is so happy that I was there with him.
His parents welcomed me with open arms and so much love! They each gave me a big hug and said they've heard so much about me and were so happy to meet me.  
Our time together was perfect.  They got to know me, and I got to know them, and I was wonderful to see how J interacted with them, and how attentive he was to me still while we were there.   We told them that we were intending on moving in together soon and were looking at places and they were so excited for us!
I'm so happy to have met them, and feel even closer to him now.
When we left he told me how much they loved me, and that he was now even more in love with me.
I'm so grateful for him, his family, and where we are at! Thank you universe! 

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12/24/2017 3:12 am  #292

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Oh my goodness today was magical!
My love Scrubs texted me first thing this morning. I read the text over gleefully as I could feel it was sent with love. I got up and had breakfast and got started on my coursework. Soon enough my phone buzzed and it was him calling. We had the most wonderful phone call and talked and laughed about everything. He told me he missed me and that he couldn't wait to see me soon. I said likewise and then he told me his break was over. He told me he loved me and would call later, then I went to make myself a delicious pita pizza. It was a wonderful sunny day, the birds chirruped happily outside and my pup was extra spritely. The rest of the day was peaceful, I was very productive and got a lot of my daily goals done. Before I went to bed he called me again and we talked on the phone till I fell asleep. I'm so grateful the universe blessed me with such an awesome day and relationship.


12/24/2017 11:49 am  #293

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today I'm feeling amazing, I have all I want, money, health, happiness, a happy and healthy family, the love of my life and a great Body 


12/24/2017 12:04 pm  #294

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Omg omg omg I love you UNIVERSE it finally happened I ******* love you yo I’ve been working on myself and my career and iverything in my life and my love mi amor finally returns to me and we are happier than iver our love has grown stronger iverything is so beautiful more than what I asked for I promise to itinue with my affirmations and iverything I’ve been doing to itinue to create the best life for myself oh how I am so over joyed I can’t stop smiling I can’t wait to cee what else is in store for us and our beautiful healthy peaceful healed relationship thankh you so much thankh you so much universe youniverse


12/30/2017 8:05 am  #295

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today was another great day with him. But this day was extra special as we were going to Paris!!!! 😁. I got up as usual and saw my "good morning sleepy head" message on my phone from him. I responded back with loads of kisses lol. I was super excited and got up quick and showered as I had to meet him at kings cross station for 11 am. I got dressed in my best clothes for him, did my make using my expensive makeup and sprayed myself with his favourite perfume he bought me. I left home in a hurry and got to kings cross station just past 11am. There he was crept up behind me with "boo" lol. We gave each other a massive hug and kissed like we hadn't seen each other in years. I had already checked for our platform, so we headed to check in and go past security. In no time we were on the train making our way to Paris . We had such a great time on the train laughing, eating sandwiches and drinking. In less than 2 hours we had arrived, we got into a taxi near the station and he told the driver to take us to the effiel tower. The weather was perfect. As we got to the tower we absorbed the view. It was amazing. We held hands and walked along the park just in front of the effiel tower. We talking about where to go for lunch. After a few moments He stopped walking and smiled at me. I smiled back, but thinking at the same time why have we stopped lol. He gently held both my hands and closed his eyes a little. It looked like he was about to say some thing. I, still smiling at him asked are you okay and then laughed nervously. At that point he smiled even more and held my hands even tighter. He took a deep breath and literally poured his heart out about how he felt and everything that's happened. How he appreciates everything we have together. At this point my heart was beating really fast and was getting an overwhelming feeling in my chest. I love when he tells me how he feels. As i know hes so private about his emotions usually. Then he paused. He slowly released my hands and the next few moments melted my heart. He knelt on one knee, reached into his right pocket and pulled out a tiny black box. I remembering feeling speechless, emotional and teary yet so happy and LOVED. He asked me to Marry Him!!! And I said YES!!!! It was the perfect moment. He placed the ring on my finger. It was silver, with a square diamond with smaller clusters of diamonds surrounding it. It looked perfect! I felt perfect! With our foreheads touching I closed my eyes trying to stop myself from crying. I just wanted to stay in that moment forever. He kissed me on my forehead and asked if i was happy to which i responded 'always, now that i will spend the rest of my life with you'. We both smiled at each other. We couldn't wait to hurry back and tell everyone the good news!!! 😁


1/01/2018 7:07 pm  #296

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

2/1/18 - I'm so happy kieron called today to reassure me everything is ok, I'm grateful that he understands how hard this long distance relationship is for me and accepts that I'm going to get grumpy and insecure at times. I so appreciate his call and know we can move forward from the little tiff we had, Kieron told me he loves me more than anything in the world Christmas eve and mentioned moving in a few days ago, the thoughts and insecurities I am  now feeling are just that, thoughts - a negative perspective, he wouldn't have said those things unless he was serious about me so I choose to  believe and trust in him <3


1/13/2018 12:01 am  #297

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Yesterday was Valentine day and we went on a date to our favorite sushi restaurant on Robson Street. We sat next to each other and snuggled while we waited for the food. He put his arm around me and looked intently at me. I could see love in his eyes. He told me I looked beautiful and walked me home. We held hands on the way and walked in step with each other. When we waited for the street light to change, he pulled me into his chest for a hug. I could smell his cologne. It smelled sharp and sweet.
He walked me to my door and we kissed a deep kiss that I felt in my toes. My whole body tingled. He came upstairs with me and we played Rum and Bones together. We laughed a lot and had so much fun. He played with our cat, who was so happy, running around the apartment with his toys. As I was getting snacks ready for us, he grabbed me by my waist, spun me around and told me he loved me. It felt amazing. We kissed again. He sat me on the counter and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I pulled him in closer to me with my legs as our kiss got deeper and deeper. He paused, and pulled my face up to his. He told me he loved me again. This time, he stared deeply into my eyes as he said it. I told him I loved him to and he picked me up and brought me to the bedroom down the hall where we fell asleep in each other’s arms.
We are so in love. I feel so happy. 


1/22/2018 10:13 pm  #298

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today was such a good day, it was sunny and the sky was blue, lots of people were out making the most of this great summer weather. Cameron and I caught a ferry to Watson’s Bay, it was nice, we sat on the top and we felt the nice ocean breeze. Cameron wrapped his arm around me and we walked around and enjoyed the scenic views of the gap bluff cliffs.

Cameron and I walked further down to see the Hornsby Lighthouse nearby and did not stop talking and making jokes with each other,  our conversations were both funny and amusing. Cameron always looked at me with a smile and I felt the love coming through from his eyes. We grabbed some lunch and sat close to the beach, we ate fish and chips and cuddled in the sun. The weather got a little hotter, so we went for a swim at the beach, we had so much fun and splashed water in each other’s faces and were very playful towards each other.

We then walked further down to Dover Heights which wasn’t too far from Watson’s Bay, where we enjoyed more views of the cliffs and the ocean. On the bridge, Cameron turned to me he looked at my eyes deeply, his face came closer to mine and we shared a passionate kiss. It felt so amazing, my heart skipped a beat, there was also butterflies in my stomach. It was such an awesome day and I was so grateful to experience every bit of joy with Cameron by my side.

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1/23/2018 10:38 pm  #299

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today was such a great night,  Cameron and I visited the Museum Observatory Tower in the Rocks. We purchased tickets to see the stars and were given a tour around the tower and shown the telescopes to actually see the stars, it was awesome and a little bit nerdy.

I felt Cameron’s arm wrapped tightly around my waist as we were ushered around and told about the history of the tower. Cameron was smiling a lot throughout the tour, I thought it was so cute. We took turns and peeked through each telescope and got some nice views of some cool star patterns and saw the southern cross in the night sky.

Once the tour finished, Cameron and I grabbed some dinner at a Thai restaurant nearby.  We ate a lovely meal and enjoyed some great conversation and laughs together about his last holiday to Europe. We then walked around Barangaroo, Cameron and I sat on the grass and he told me he had so much fun at the Museum Observatory Tower with me. He then moved closer to me, our faces were quite close, he started to stroke my hair softly and we kissed. My heart was beating so fast, and my spine tingled, it was an incredible feeling. It was such an amazing day, I appreciated every moment Cameron and I shared, I was so grateful to the universe.

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1/31/2018 2:34 am  #300

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

I just had the most amazing weekend with my boyfriend and love Howard Y. He took me to a romantic dinner at one of my favourite restaurants at Wheelock Place, which is one of his faves as well. We sat by the window, enjoying our food and drinks and we commented on what a nice ambience this place had. We enjoyed good conversation and I could feel his love and affection for me as he looks into my eyes and smiles while we are talking and I catch him giving me loving glances when he thinks I am not looking We shared our food and took turns feeding each other and sampling each other's food. He told me that he is glad that we got to know one another and that he is so lucky to find a girl like me. He asked me to keep myself free to meet his family and family friends at a dinner party the following week and I am so thrilled, excited and touched that our relationship has progressed to the next level. We walked hand in hand out of the restaurant and went to catch a movie. During the movie, I put my head on his shoulder and we snuggled up next to each other. It just felt so romantic and I felt so close and connected to him. He drove me home and we shared romantic kisses and hugs in the car before I alighted. I felt loved, fulfilled, so grateful and contented. I am so lucky to be in this relationship with Howard Y who loves me, cares for me and adores me!


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