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6/07/2017 3:07 pm  #271

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today he held my hand and said that he can't imagine a life without me. omg everything is like a dream. A beautiful and loving life. He's a caring husband, handsome boyfriend, loving mother, annoying sister, protective father to me. I am really happy about everything.thanks God for such a wonderful life.

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6/12/2017 2:55 pm  #272

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

This past week was the best week of my life!! I could feel the shifting in my being. My love came back. He wants a loving, committed and fulfilling relationship with me. I'm SO excited. I can barely contain it. I've been smiling nonstop for days now. Our relationship is so different than before. He's affectionate, caring, attentive and affirms his love for me everyday. He wants me with him all of the time and when we spend time apart he's planning our next interaction. I'm so whole and complete and in a state of unconditional happiness with my life that I'm not concerned with what he's doing. I'm in love with taking care of me. Also, my financial situation has drastically improved. I had $10,000 come into my experience last week as well. So, all of my stress and worry about my finances has disappeared. I know that the LOA is real and that the universe is abundant and expanding for me!!

Well, that was fun  I love scripting!


6/20/2017 11:44 am  #273

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

I proposed him.he was suprised as well as happy. He told me he'll call me and tell later. He dint reply for a day from the day I proposed. The next day he called me, he told me how much he loved me. My happiness knew no bound. I started crying. I just wanted to hug him and tell him so much.thanks god for this wonderful relationship in my life


6/21/2017 4:58 am  #274

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

He proposed me today.... Woww.... In life turned over completely.a midnight summers dream that turned into a fairytale forever. Wow... Wow... Omg. Thanks for the universe. Thanks for everyone there. Thanks, thanks thanks.... I cried and was quiet happy.i dint know what to talk. I was struck. He made me promise to be with me whatever happens.


6/22/2017 9:47 am  #275

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Today he replied to my proposal. He told me that I was his wife. I cried in happiness.he told me that he ll b with me forever and he loves me deeply. Yaah u heard it right... Loved my deeply. He was suprised by my proposal and loved me so so so much... I thank God and Veronica for all these best things in my life. He loves me. Thanks universe. Each and everyone... Thanks thanks thanks


6/28/2017 10:09 am  #276

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

if i want to manifest my ex, do i script the same thing repeatedly or do i script something new everyday/time i script?
Thank You


6/29/2017 5:45 pm  #277

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

Tuesday,August 1st, 2017.

July has flown by so fast. There are so many wonderful things that happen to be grateful for this last month.  It all started when I was gone for my new york trip.  Robert texted me non stop while i was gone.  Robert would tell me everything from how much he wanted me back, to how he still loves me, and how he wants to see me.  Robert and I are back together and our relationship is stronger than every.  We have seen each other everyday since he called me and confessed how much he loved me and wanted to get back together with me.  Robert tells me that he loves me all the time.  Our communication is so easy and open now. Robert and his daughter Emily spend the night at my house every other day.  On the week days I take her to the YMCA in the morning.  And I will pick her up after work when Robert is working late at his new job. I am so happy and grateful that I wake up to Robert almost every morning.  We make Emily's lunch together.  Robert showers me with kisses every morning and night.  Robert loves how sexy and confident i am.   Robert and Emily have been staying over so much that we have started to talk about them moving in this month. Robert will text everyday during the day when he is away.  We talk about everything from the latest podcast that we listened too, or the next trip that we are planning.  Robert will even text me in the middle of the day at work saying he loves me and he is thinking about me.  Robert loves how confident and sexy I am now that I can love myself. He see me more attractive day after day.  Robert treats me as a priority in his life. Robert and I go running together everyday after work.  Emily will join in too on her bike.  We have even started talking marriage.  I am so happy and grateful that the universe gave me all I desired. Thank you universe!  Thank you for everything you have given me this past month!

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 In life and in dreams nothing is impossible! 

10/30/2017 2:45 pm  #278

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

here is mine - I truly believe it is happening, I feel so happy writing this, as if it were happening now

I woke up sunday morning full of joy and peace, the sun was shining brightly and I just knew I will have a great day. I was preparing breakfast when he texted me he is coming over - I was surprised because I didn't know this was his day off work. He came and hugged me very tightly and said that he missed me all day yesterday. We decided to go out and walk in a park, have a coffee, and go see a movie. We got really hungry before the movie so we went to one of our favorite Italian places and had a great meal. He told me how much he had missed this, just laughing and being happy ... we always had a good time together, but this time everything was all the more special, as we knew for sure we will spend our lives together. We saw the movie, and then went to my place and cuddled and laughed. So happyyy!!!!


11/30/2017 10:05 am  #279

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

It's been 7 months since our marriage and life couldn't be any more perfect. My BubbA and I are loving our happy married life in our new townhome we purchased in August and celebrated our birthdays together there. It's been exactly a year I visited veronica's forum and visualized this day with my lover. My husband is such a blessing and I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing my lover back into my life and that too not just as a boyfriend but now my husband! We are the ideal couple and often times do get on other people's nerves because we're so lovey dovey to each other all the time lol My husband treats me with utmost respect, love and compassion. He is very empathetic towards my feelings and always make me feel so loved and secure. He is so handsome (as always) and we both together compliment each other physically, emotionally, intellectually. We love our new place and even though we are now together for 4 yrs, the honeymoon phase never faded. My husband is a very hard working, loving, kind, generous, caring, empathetic being and he takes such great care of me. I am so grateful to have married the love of my life and have the life I always envisioned. Today we went grocery shopping to costco lol it's just two of us but we like going there and just seeing all these family size packaging and thinking to ourselves "well when the baby comes you know we will be regulars in this store". My BubbA loves cooking and he made my favorite chicken marsala with his favorite pink zinfandel from trader joes. We watched one of our favorite movies together, it's kind of cold crispy out but we had our fireplace on and we put the comforter on the floor, set up a little cozy bed and I rested my head in his arms; he held my hand over his heart and we cuddled, kissed and watched the movie together. We had great intimate romantic time as well and later in  the evening we walked our dog around the community, talked to the neighbors and walked hand in hand around the block. My heart is so overjoyed with all the love and happiness the universe granted me with my lover. We both everyday can't wait to get done with work so we can be with each others arms. Our lives together is like a fairytale and I couldn't be any happier. I have gotten him back into my life to stay forever. We are planning a big Christmas party at our new home with our friends and family over. My sister in law and I planned a secret santa gift exchange I can't wait to see everyone's reactions as they open their presents. My BubbA and I are cosmic soulmates and I ma so thankful to him for giving me the family the love the happiness I always wanted. My heart is full of pure happiness. We had such a great day today talking about our future, our blessings and above all our gratitude to the Universe for bringing us together against all odds. 
What a beautiful life to be living in with the man of my dreams; with my soulmate. I asked, believed and look received everything and more and am living a fairy tale everyday with my husband. Thank you Thank you Thank you Universe! I am humbled <3

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11/30/2017 1:14 pm  #280

Re: Scripting Challenge :)

J and I sat down today and had a really loving conversation. I am so excited that he just completely adores me. He loves spending all of his time with me  and it is doing whatever from laying on the couch to going out with friends and family. J is enthusiastic about it all because I am by his side. Our communication has continued to develop into what it is today and I love telling him about everything that is going on in my life and he loves to tell me whatever is on his mind- our communication is great! Today we spoke about our future and he told me that he is confident he has found his perfect partner ME! this has made me so happy. I love being on the same page as J. 
I love the way this man loves and adores me. The way he smiles when our faces meet, the way he laughs his big burly laugh like this morning when I had the most grumpy face on. I love this man and he loves me so much. Our strength and love as a couple just continues to blossom and it is such a beautiful thing to be a part of. I love going home to him at the end of a long school day and see his beautiful smile and open arms waiting to comfort me. It is the my favourite thing in the entire world. The way he kisses my shoulder just so he can touch me. He even does it while he is asleep and tells me he loves me. I will never get tired of hearing this man tell me he is in love with me. He said he wants to shout it from the roof top lol! Every gesture, every minute I am loved and cherished by him and it is perfect. Today he mentioned again that he always believed that in a relationship two people should be partners in love and life and he is so happy that we are partners and  that while still maintaining our independence and lives- even though, let's be realistic we want to spend every waking minute together. I love when he tells me that everything he has ever looked for in a partner he has found in me!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

* thank you to Shivani_LOAbeliever for bumping this! I have never tried scripting before and I got all warm and fuzzy feels. 


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