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7/05/2016 8:26 pm  #21

Re: Random thoughts on signs and attracting someone (back)

Back when I first started learning about LOA I thought signs were a sign from the universe. Now, I personally think of what others may call signs, as manifestations. Sort of like a mini manifestations in regards to a larger desire. That's what it's seemed to be in my experience anyway. You get what you focus on. I totally understand what Sanshi is getting at. If you're attracting things related to your desire it shows you're on the right path, that you're doing something right but just need to fine tune your vibration in order for the desire to manifest fully.


7/07/2016 5:51 am  #22

Re: Random thoughts on signs and attracting someone (back)

The subject of signs will always be one of personal opinion because until you can clearly define what is a sign then how can you then move on to say what a sign means.

Which brings me onto the my personal conclusion - signs are signs, of what you want them to be a sign of.

Signs become apparent to you when your vibration on a subject is active. So are signs an indication of your awareness to a subject or is it a sign that your desire is on it's way?

Maybe signs are a subconscious manifestation to give hope that you are still on the right track. There have been times when I was wavering in faith and I asked for a sign to confirm my desire was going to be and it appeared. Now was the sign that appeared a manifestation of the sign I requested or was it a sign to confirm that my desire was in its way. At the end of the day I got my sign and I got my desire too. But was the sign just a tool to reinforce my belief to allow me to continue to align with my desire?

I don't believe a sign will show you how close you are to your desire manifesting. I think the closest sign you will ever get to knowing how close your desire is, is looking at yourself. You and your current state/vibration/ alignment are the best sign to look out for.


7/07/2016 6:10 am  #23

Re: Random thoughts on signs and attracting someone (back)

Sanshi wrote:

And so my final conclusion: Irrespective if it's possible or not, when you do everything right and vibrate at the right frequency, you have to at least find a perfect partner for you soon. That means as long as you are not head over heels in love with a new person (or your ex), your vibration is not in the right place to get your ex back yet! And that means, you have no reason to be desperate or to give up, because if you do everything right, the universe has to deliver a relationship to you in any case.

What do you think?

I think the fundamental concept to express is that what you get is in response to what you are vibrating.

People get different results because each individual has different beliefs and expectations about what they can attract.


7/10/2016 1:50 pm  #24

Re: Random thoughts on signs and attracting someone (back)

I have asked myself the same question and think you might definitely have a point ( as usual) In my case though a lot of times I thought the signs meant things were about to unravel it ended up not quite that way.

However, everytime the signs multiply - I'm about to see him or something big is about to happen and that has been without fail every single time. So I do think signs are like driftwood, at least in my experience it's always been driftwood to an encounter. Or that he's thinking a lot about me and is about to communicate.

They do not necessarily mean that your desired manifestation is next - or at least that's what I have learnt and I guess that's where i have to agree with what you're saying.

In the end everything will be okay, if it's not okay then it's not the end. In the meantime everyday and in every way I AM better and better.

It's done 😘

7/18/2016 9:35 pm  #25

Re: Random thoughts on signs and attracting someone (back)

Sanshi wrote:

So, you continue working on your vibration and now it gets interesting. Many people experience random guys popping up that are interested in them. You could still call that a sign, because your vibration isn't at the level to get your ex back yet, but you are far closer than in the beginning of your journey. The universe is able to match your vibration with a potential relationship. What often happens also is that exes popping up. Sometimes, they just want contact again, sometimes they want you back. That are signs as well and in the last case, your vibration is veeery close to getting the ex back you want. Think about Cherished's story about every single ex coming back into her life.

Haha this is spot on in my current vibration. I've been typing random keywords in the search engine to find Cherished's article with no success, yet. Do you happen to remember the link/title?Β 


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