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7/04/2015 9:42 pm  #1

Superman Game

A few people have suggested we start a Superman Game thread on this board.Β  I am pasting the original post below.Β  It was originally found at

Feel free to participate.Β  This stuff really does work!

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So this is a precise and concentrated way to get your ex back.
Imagine it is a game that you will play for 30 days.

The day you decide to practice (and all the next 30 days) you have to:
- stop reading or practice other techniques, and all things that can make you doubt
- focus only on THIS thread and THIS experience, not others threads or books
- stop all your questions/logic/reason/doubt...
- do simply the steps
- do things that motivate you to continue this experience
- stop feeling bad because there is nothing bad to feel, it is a game! Now you are creating a new experience

If you do this excactly as it is said here every day, no exception, you will get your ex back. You will even attract other people who will love you because you generate pure energy of love. Guaranteed. Even if you get results after few days continue with the practice for 30 days, don't stop.

The day you begin post a date and your resolution/motivation in the comments section. Something that will mark your start day and that will guide you and keep you focused. Something like" I'm Superman, It is the 5th april and I'm determined to get my ex back, I will play this game for 30 days and will do this with strong determination. I have no reason to doubt or worry because it is for the seek of this experience. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. For the next 30 days I will live in joy and gratitude because my dream is coming true." And if you try to give up you come here and read your resolution and remember why you started this experience.

So Imagine this is a game where you will live every day in full feeling of joy and gratitude. In this game there is no doubt, no worry, no questions. Just faith and gratitude. You can wory, doubt and everything you want but at the end of the game; after 30 days.


0. There is nothing negative to feel. You forget all that is negative (in your relationship) and all negative imagination. No fear, no doubt, no worry because those created your bad experience... In this game, when you think about your love life or your relationship there is only JOY, GRATITUDE, BLISS because it is what you choose to create NOW.
1. Every morning imagine that your lover makes you many kisses and hugs. Imagine how loved and grateful you are. You wake up surrounded by love and gratitude. You smile and really feel it!
2. The night you do the same. Imagine that you fall asleep with your lover and his/her hugs. Feel that you are loved, feel grateful. Imagine him/her saying "I love you"... or anything that gives you joy and gratitude.
3. When you do things in the day imagine that he/She is with you and that she/he looks you with love and desire.
4. You have a deep feeling that he/she loves you very much. Because you know that what you feel creates your experience. When you think about it you are happy and grateful.
5. If you have pictures with him/her where you are happy, look at them and imagine that now you are loved even more. If you have love letters read and feel the joy of being loved.
6. If you believe in God or something like that give him/her prayers of gratitude. Say him/her how you are grateful for your relationship.
7. Watch positive movies about love, listen to songs that make you feel loved and happy...
8. Do everything that cultivate your feeling of gratitude and of love. Everytime you think about your lover you have to think positive thoughts about him/her and your relationship.
9. When you do nothing in a day, listen to happy music and imagine your amazing life with your lover. You imagine that our are loved beyond measure, it will give a great joy in your heart.
10. If you see negative thing is your mind REMEMBER that you are in a game. So you just let it go and say that you will think about negative things after 30 days =)

And of course ENJOY life, enjoy every moments. Have fun. Don't try too hard, be at ease. You don't have to think about your lover the whole day! Relax =)

1. Trying to change things with action, or to force things. Because everything is perfect in your mind. You are loved and grateful.
2. Trying to contact, or spy him/her. Dont go on his/her social sites (facebook...)
3. Waiting something from him/her. Because you imagine and feel you have everything now.
4. Listen/read or watch negative thing that make you feel sad about your relationship.
5. Analyse things, thinking about logic, doubt, worry... Because this is a game and an experience you just let them go and say to yourself I will do this after the game

In this game there is really no place and no need for doubt, worry, fear, frustration, neediness,depression. Even if your mind tells you that you are crazy to believe it: DO it no matter what!
Say to yourself: I have a right to be crazy or foolish for 30 days lolΒ
Everything that feels bad or stops your amazing feelings let it go, remember it is a game. Don't liste to your doubts or fears. It is an experience that lasts 30 days and in those days give focus only on gratitude and joy. Imagine the best you can.

Because this is Law, and because you feel loved and grateful it is exactly what you will create in your experience.
Your thoughts and feelings are the substance that will create those things that correspond to your thoughts and feelings. So don't be afraid to feel great feelings and think great thoughts. If you do this correctly you will notice how your happiness is so great and intense. The key is to stay in good feelings and to let go of negative thoughts when they come and just come back to the good feelings and positive imagination.
This game will show you that you can generete happiness at will. It will show you that you are the master of your mind.

In comments you can share a review of your day, all good things that happened to you, how you felt or anything you want, for exemple how your good feelings made an amazing day or so on. But avoid questions because they are DOUBT. You need nothing more to know but just to practice and stay in good feelings about your relationship. Just play the game for 30 days without much logic or reasoning. AND OF COURSE, POST YOUR SUCCESS STORY

I really recommand that you let yourself go in that experience and that for the seek of that experience you really do it 100%. Choose to give it a try FULLY. For 30 days choose only to focus on your imagination and not on what is now. Because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Absorb yourself in that great feeling of bliss, of being with your lover, feeling loved and grateful. Make it so real in your mind! Remember that it is an experience and that logic and doubt has no place here.

- Man attract what he is. The art of life is to sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled and let thing come to you, not to go after them or think they flee away. - Neville Goddard
- EVERYTHING is possible to him who believes. - Jesus
- Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe. - Saint Augustine

You can't do this feeling needy or depressed. The technique is perfect but It is your feelings that are the key to the success of this experience. If you do this fully you can only SUCCEED. So do it fully.

Are you ready to write the most beautiful success story?

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7/04/2015 10:18 pm  #2

Re: Superman Game

I'm totally in! I read all of the posts on Superman's game thread, and I just wanted to comment here. A lot of people who started the game were coming from a place of devastation. They also had not managed to let go of the past. Those people did not succeed, and in fact the thread became somewhat of a misery party at times. BUT the principles of the game are sound, and those who were over all their past hurt and ready to rock & roll were very successful! Are there any modifications we could possibly make to ensure a more positive outcome for everyone? My suggestions would be
1. Perhaps not putting a time limit? Just run the game as an ongoing thing. This creates less resistance and anxiety about the "end date" and we all know we get our love in the end anyway, right? 😊
2. Only posting if it is  uplifting/encouraging.. To do this game properly you literally have to believe you already have your love.. And you increase that positive momentum every day. And you bounce off all your forum buddies who are doing the same! You have to go all-out crazy for a little while with your thinking, and suspend your current beliefs/negativity. So perhaps we also could start another thread for people doing the faje who are running into negativity/setbacks. And Veronica/others can help steer them back on track without possibly derailing the game thread..
Just my thoughts, any other ideas? I would be delighted to participate in this!

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

7/04/2015 10:32 pm  #3

Re: Superman Game

This sounds good! And I agree with Cherished's suggestions. People should not post any negative comments. I understand it can be hard for people but reading negative comments brings down everyone.

When do we start this? Are we supposed to update how we are feeling?


7/04/2015 10:49 pm  #4

Re: Superman Game

Blessedck do you think it will help having a second thread for people that are having a hard day etc? We are all human so it's bound to happen- just think we should try not to detract from the positive energy of the main game thread..?

And I think yes, it's good to update how ur feeling, because the game (if done properly with enthusiasm) should enhance your feelings of wellbeing each day.. And that's inspiring for others to read. What do you all think?

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

7/04/2015 10:55 pm  #5

Re: Superman Game

Yes, I agree to keep this thread positive.Β  If you need support, I think a new thread should be started.Β 

But, the point of this game is to keep all negativity out for a minimum of 30 days.Β  That is how I see the game anyway.Β  You trick your mind into thinking it can engage in negativity for 30 days.Β  So, when a negative thought comes in - you tell it that you will think it in 30 days.

But... usually you manifest so much before that so you don't end up wanting to do the negative thoughts because of the results!

Thus, you have tricked yourself into succeeding.Β  This is my take on why the game works.Β  Hoping it can help someone kick start their manifestations!

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7/05/2015 1:30 am  #6

Re: Superman Game

I agree with Cherished and Veronica that a second thread can be started if someone needs to vent.

Cherished, I think it's a good idea to update our feelings.


7/05/2015 1:32 am  #7

Re: Superman Game

I am ready for this game! I, blessedck will participate in this game and I'm sure I will only gain positive results with my guy. Good luck everyone!!


7/05/2015 2:32 am  #8

Re: Superman Game

Jumping in! I, Cherished will play this game wholeheartedly. I am attracting the most incredibly beautiful, and powerfully aligned relationship with my guy. I am now the love of his life, and the girl of his dreams! So, let's get to it, who else is in?! 😊

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

7/05/2015 7:05 pm  #9

Re: Superman Game

I'm in! I'm ready to start this today. Can we give each other tips and suggestions along the way too?


7/05/2015 7:14 pm  #10

Re: Superman Game

Ok friends, let's rock n roll! Tips, tricks, quotes, encouragement, GO!!  I'll start by saying that EVERYTHING is possible.  For the duration of this game,  we need to be happy believers!  Anything, and I mean ANYTHING can be overcome. If there is something in your past that hurt you or angered you immensely (a conversation, a situation,  the awful phone call,  blah blah blah) today is the day to delete it.  GONE.  Forget it.  It serves only to bring you more of that,  so let it go.  Just STOP recalling it.  When your mind tries to go there say "Delete! Thank you, moving on!"  Try it, you will begin to release all the thoughts that don't serve you,  and it actually starts to get fun 😊

If you imagine it in your mind..
Believe it in your heart..
Feel it in your soul..
You will hold it in your hand πŸ’žΒ 

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