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4/27/2016 11:00 pm  #1

Finally a part of the forum

Hi everyone! I have been viewing this forum for the last few months and have finally joined and it feels so good. I'm not exactly tech savvy so if I post this in the wrong place! Here's my story; I'm completely lost and need major guidance.Β 

I met a guy (November 2014) lets call him David and he is the absolute love of my life. In May 2015, I found out I was pregnant and we were due to be parents in January 2016. We came to accept the shock and quickly started planning for our new future! We had some ups and downs, but everything was working out. In August, he got into a devastating accident and almost lost his life. I stood by him, loved him and even slept in the hospital with him. In October, he said I was too difficult, was stressing him out and he was no longer in love with me. So there I was, pregnant with our daughter, and left to be a single mom. Started dating a 17 year old and claims she is the love of his life. He has completely deleted our daughter and I out of his life. He says he hates me and that's why he doesn't see our daughter. Where do I begin? I just want our family together and the love of my life back.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4/27/2016 11:50 pm  #2

Re: Finally a part of the forum

sorry to know everything....
But yes you both are together through your daughter that's the best part..
So as will everyone say even i am saying,
First thing fiRST,you have to forgive him...because in LOA it says how others treat us is what we vibrationally give out to remember what he has done is the cause of your vibration/thought..
So you can forgive him!
Now for that don't punish yourself... forgive yourself...
And practice 'get yourself back' not 'get your ex back'....
When you will be in your highest vibration your desire will get fulfilled..
And practice any LOA method you like..
That's so very simple.... no need to worry!
Loads of love!😘


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