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4/09/2016 6:43 pm  #1

Neville Goodard-specific person

Hi everyone, I thought I post this from Neville's book "The Law and the Promise" Chapter Three

“Last August, while on a ‘blind date’ I met the man I wanted to marry. This happens sometimes, and it happened to me. He was everything I had ever thought of as desirable in a husband. Two days after this enchanted evening, it was necessary for me to change my place of residence because of my work, and that same week the mutual friend who had introduced me to this man, moved away from the city. I realized that the man I had met probably did not know of my new address, and frankly, I was not sure he knew my name.

After your last lecture, I spoke to you of this situation. Although I had plenty of other ‘dates’ I could not forget this one man. Your lecture was based on revising our day; and after speaking to you, I determined to revise my day, every day. Before going to sleep that night, I felt I was in a different bed, in my own home, as a married woman — and not as a single working girl, sharing an apartment with three other girls. I twisted an imaginary wedding band on my imaginary left hand, saying over and over to myself, ‘This is wonderful! I really am Mrs. J.E.!’ and I fell asleep in what was — a moment before — a waking dream.“I repeated this imaginary scene for one month, night after night.

The first week in October he ‘found’ me. On our second date, I knew my dreams were rightly placed. Your teaching tells us to live in the end of our desire until that desire becomes ‘fact’ so although I did not know how he felt toward me, I continued, night after night, living in the feeling of my dream realized.
“The results? In November he proposed. In January we announced our engagement; and the following May we were married. The loveliest part of it all, however, is that I am happier than I ever dreamed possible; and I know in my heart, he is too.” …Mrs. J.E.By

Using her imagination radically, instead of conservatively — by building her world out of pure dreams of fancy —, rather than using images supplied by memory, she brought about the fulfillment of her dream.Common sense would have used images supplied by her memory, and thereby perpetuated the fact of lack in her life.Imagination created what she desired out of a dream of fancy. Everyone must live wholly on the level of imagination, and it must be consciously and deliberately undertaken

.“…Lovers and madmen have such seething brains, Such shaping fantasies, that apprehend more than cool reason over comprehends.” [William Shakespeare, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"]

If our time of revision be well spent, we need not worry about results — our fondest hopes will be realized.

There is no inevitable permanence in anything. Both past and present continue to exist only because they are sustained by “Imagining” on some level or other; and a radical transformation of life is always possible by man revising the undesirable part of it.


6/10/2017 2:51 pm  #2

Re: Neville Goodard-specific person

love this, what a fantastic example of loa working its magic pixel pie - have you mana​ged to manifest your specific person? x


11/27/2018 5:53 pm  #3

Re: Neville Goodard-specific person

wow just read this!!! love your story!!! I will be reading into Nevilles teachings!!


1/28/2019 4:01 am  #4

Re: Neville Goodard-specific person

Hey, aweome post. I am soaked into Neville. I have shared Neville Style living schedule in my 1 thread here called : Got MIssing Link " & Revision Stories are awesome. I have added a Thread with his Success Stories in this same forum.  Time is different for everyone. 7 days to many  to 2 yrs for Nevlle's Bro.
" Do it with living in the end, enjoying that state , feeling happy in that wish fullfilled, feel it... Till yu get it in your 3 D world. Consistanty. Once you create, You are pregnant. Carry that pregnancy happily ......  "


Thanks & Love
Feel free to PM for anything else.

5/18/2019 1:24 am  #5

Re: Neville Goodard-specific person



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