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4/09/2016 5:19 am  #1

That Night

April 25th, 2016

Finally this day came. I've been waiting for a long time and it happened as what i expected.

I was at my room, reading a book while listening to the music, and just suddenly i saw a message appeared in my mobile phone. It was from him! "i'm in front of your house, please come down". I had no idea why he came to my house in the middle of the night, i can't think anything. I just came down in a rush to open the door for him.

Once i opened the door, he hugged me so tightly, he told me "I love you so much, please forgive me". I was speechless. It was a scene that i've been waiting for, and now it's happening in real! I took him to my room and sat down together. He stared at me and told me how he felt really bad after he left me, and how he finally realized that it's only me that he wants in his life and noone can replace me. He told me that he wanted us to be back together. I told him that I still love him and I told him that I always know that he would come back.Β 

He holded my hands and he told me "I am sorry that I can't promise to marry you soon, but if you want to wait for me, I want us to be together again. And I will do anything to keep us together and to marry you" I felt so touchy. This guy, who didn't believe in a concept of marriage, now asked me to wait for him to get married. I didn't realized that tears dropped on my cheek. I was too happy to hear that. I told him then "I will wait for you. If there's any chance for us to be together again, I will always want to be with you." He hugged me so tight and kissed me, "forgive me, I was so stupid to leave you".

We spent the rest of the night hugging and cuddling each other while talking about things. He told me how his life after he left me was miserable, how he finally left the other girl to get back together with me, and how he really happy to get me back in his life again. Now I really can see that our time apart were really a blessing in disguise. He came back for a better relationship and a better him, and me also I've improved myself to be a better me. I'm so grateful and feel blessed that God brought us back together again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


9/27/2016 7:11 am  #2

Re: That Night

Amazing post πŸ’–


9/27/2016 8:39 am  #3

Re: That Night

​Sweeeeeeet This is amazing

We recieve exactly what we expect to recieve. - John Holland.Β Β 

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