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3/10/2016 10:53 am  #1

My month from TODAY!

So Veronice suggested using this area as a place to genterate good vibrations toward my journal entry of what my encounter will be like a month from today. I hope your vibes encourage the vibrations I am transmitting to gain the out come I will write or even BETTER!

It is April 8th a Thursday and I woke up this morning, got my daughter together to go to the sitters and I saw that I had a missed call. In the process or rushing around and kissing my little beasts tummy I notice the call happens again, and whose faace is it?? D-A-D-D-Y'S!Β (Currently we have not seen each other in a 3 weeks) I pick up and hear "Morning babe, sorry I missed your call last night. (In my manifestation he has called me/texted me already to tell me he missed me) I tell him its ok, but you've called a few times, everything ok...He tell's me it is and he will be in town on Friday and wanted me to find a sitter for Sydney.

I tell him, I will do my best and call him once I drop her off. He tells me no be safe and have a good day.

As I drive to the sitter, I am surfing in my head where we going, what am I wearing, did i shavelol I drop her off, give her LOADS of kisses and head on into work. While at work, nothing is ruining my day, nothing at all, because I am already seeing the beauty in everything and every one. By lunch I am sitting in my car listening to Abraham Hicks, realigning my nerves because it has bee way too long since I have had male interaction, and even his...Not sexually, not intamately, but SOCIALLY!

Fast forward to Friday, I drop Sydney off at the sitters and go home to wash and change. He has left me a text that he will pick me up in an hour and I ask him if I can meet him instead. I do this to get my nerves together in the car and have an excuse to pick sydney up and of course leave should it get too intense.

He agrees and texts me the address to where we are meeting. It is a cute little seafood place we have gone to before by the water. At about 9/10 a band plays. We meet up at 8 and he is standing by the statue of Kunta Kinte on the water from pacing back and forth. He has a bag in his hand and looking left and right waiting to see me pull up.

When I get out the car to walk towards him, he is looking the oppisite way. I get close enough to say "excuse me can i get by" and he turns around ASTONISHED and whispers "wow" and gives me a hug that lifts me off the ground and takes the breath out of my lungs. He puts him lips on my forehead for a long period of time and whispers "my fat booty." (his nickname fore me)

He grabs my hand, he is a complete gentleman and we get seated right away. We see many couples laughing, and talking, he comments often on how he has been and whats new, i remain interested in what he is saying. He is looking at me, pauses and asks me to dance.

We get up and dance the night away. When we finally get back to the table, he remembers he had a bag to give me. It says Hallmark, I know exactly what it is. It is an additional figurine to the previous Charlie Brown collection that he has. It is so incredibly sweet that I tear up, walk over to his chair and hug him.

When it is time to go, it begins to rain and he runs over to my car to get it for me. we sit in the car a second and he asks "will i see you tomorrow?" I smile a little and tell him you'll see me in your dreams tonight...He give me the "no really im serious face.." And I tell him we will see.

He accepts that answer and gets in his car.

I drive home with no one to call no one to tell because there are mixed reviews about our past. But I know our separation was to get ourselves realigned and I call the sitter to see if my baby is up. She tells me to just come in the morning and I go home.

I am standing in the mirror, washingt he make up off my face and getting reay to get in the bed to journal and the dresser vibrates, I am getting a text. "You looked beautiful tonight, I can't wait to see you tomorrow."

I am so blessed!

We are a family finally, there's nothing more beautiful than that.

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